Buffalo Rifle - leading a job and solo opposing

I have two different questions regarding Buffalo Rifle.

  1. Does leader of a job move to job location if they have Buffalo Rifle attached? For example Can Caretaker lead Des Row job without moving.
  2. If the cost of a job is booting do they have to boot even though they have Buffalo RIfle?
  3. Can dudes with BF join the posse at adjacent location without moving or booting to oppose a job even if no other dude from their faction joined the posse?

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We have your answers now:

  1. The leader would not have to move thanks to the buffalo rifle as the leader joins the posse just like your other dudes. The caretaker could lead a Des Row from home.

  2. If the job has a “noon, boot:” this isn’t part of joining the posse, so the rifle does not prevent it from happening.

  3. Lets say you had the caretaker with a rifle at home and your opponent wants to run All Or Nothing on a deed adjacent to your home. He would be able to defend that deed by himself without moving, thanks to the buffalo rifle.

See, buffalo rifle is better than you thought, right? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks for quick answer.

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