California Bank question

Does this mean you keep your rock if you lose lowball?

No. It means people cannot “steal” GR from you using abilities e.g. This is a hold Up

Is “This is a Holdup!” the only card that “takes” GR from your opponent?

The only other cards I can think of where you are transferring money from player to player are Allie Hensman exp.1 and This’ll Hurt in the Mornin’. Allie’s card calls it “giving”, and This’ll Hurt calls it “paying”, rather than taking.

I do believe this is the only card that is blocked by Bank’s effect, but since I wasn’t sure and there might be other cards coming in the future I added e.g.

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Yes, This is a Holdup is the only card affected by the Bank of California.

Don’t worry. Its power will increase as card pool grows.