Callin' Out Reporters

We at the Gazette are looking for a few community members to write articles, related to strategy, janky decks, reviews of pine boxes and or saddlebags, or doomtown related topics. With the increasing traffic we need extra hands to help push content to the community and keep everyone coming back for more so we all can elevate our gameplay and our doomtown knowledge.

If interested or you have a topic you would like to discuss you can message me and we can go from there.

As a couple side notes if you attend a tourney or a game night feel free to write it up and put it in the events and tournaments area. Knowledge is Power.

Last but not least thank you all for reading this post and being the best community in gaming.



This 100% true. We’ve been a bit busy lately, but still want the community to receive top notch support and content. It doesn’t have to be articles. If you wanna do videos, podcasts, articles, streams, any thing that supports our favorite game, we’re looking for talent. We’ll give you the platform and freedom to express your thoughts on Doomtown in whatever way you see fit.


runs home booted


Didn’t you ban someone for doing that?

No we did not. We banned someone for continual toxic and hostile behavior across multiple platforms of discussion that made players feel that they were unwelcome.

His opinions on the game were more than welcome, and I still feel that he is a strong player with some excellent ideas. His unwelcoming attitude (which we had spoken to him about prior to the ban) was what brought about the ban. Please remember freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can say whatever without consequence.

Trust me, it was not a decision made lightly.

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