Can we get faction emoji on the forum?

On both the forums and the Discord server, you can type :smile: to get :smile:. But on the Discord server, you can also do :LD: to get the Law Dogs faction symbol and such.

Can we make it so that this is available on the forums as well?

Might be best to spell them out for discoverability, and since we have autocomplete, I don’t think it will be a big deal.

  • :law_dogs:
  • :outlaws:
  • :entrepreneurs:
  • :fearmongers:
  • :anarchists:
  • :first_peoples:

Doubling down on this - is there an icon-font for faction-symbols?

If so, these could come in handy for a couple of purposes, including creating SVGs for discord.

Similar to those.

Creating using this icon font:

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found some PNGs in the zip file linked from this forum post. Working on Custom Doomtown cards, but I have a few questions - #6 by Nash

the need to be scaled down/reduced in size, but should be good to go for discord emoji usage otherwise.

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Paging @Alex to see if this is possible


For what it’s worth: I scaled down the aforementioned images to 128px and plopped them into a sandbox discord server.
This turned out alright (unlike my ham-handed attempt to create an icon font from those).

here they are:


screenshot of failed icon font attempt (i was using inkscape and icomoon). I don’t have the graphic designer chops (nor tools) to convert those greyscale PNGs into acceptable black/white SVGs, hopefully someone else does.


Ok so how do I type the moji?

@jordan_caldwell, currently supported faction emojis on discord are:

:LD: for law dogs
:FM: for fear mongers
:AN: for anarchists
:OL: for outlaws
:EN: for entrepreneurs
:1P: for first peoples

you can see all of them when you open up the emoji menu (might need to scroll down a bit):

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Faction Emoji’s are possible. You’ve done most the work for me, so we can definitely get these set up. I’ll be in the guts later this week handling Patreon forums and badges - and I’ll do this while I’m at it. Solid suggestion.


Any chance your gut-diving was fruitful? Are faction emojis still likely to happen?