Card interactions and rule interactions that you find confusing

This is purely an info thread. Please do not give anything other than the requested info and don’t discuss other people’s comments to keep this clean and tidy. Take any discussion points to a new thread please.

What card interactions or rules do you feel are unclear or confusing or simply broken and why?

Général store … :ghost:

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Mr Ms…
I love the card, the art, the character, the flavor text!! but the POWERFULL ability compared with his low price is, in my opinion, a broken.

Ps: dont feel nothing of no respect about the trans/gay community and the discussion seems to me very stupid and retrograde.

I don’t want to hijack the topic and as I don’t have yet N@N I’m asking out from curiosity.

How is Fab Mr Ms a brokens? Can you elaborate?

Back on topic the wording on mirror mirror is pure hell, I needed to read it 3 times to know exactly what it did.

Heh, mirror mirror was really annoying. Initial wording was very simple “Set your bullets to that dude’s bullets”, and then we realized how ambiguous ‘set’ is. So we went for certainty instead of brevity. Nature of the beast.

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Well, basically… against not agrro deck that card really can win a match easily. If you accept te callout you gonna loose probably, and if you dont accept too…

maybe is not broken… but seems to me TOO POWERFULL for the MOST POWERFULL faction at this moment…

jobs, is very difficult to explain them.

These are confusing to me:

  • Using Auto revolver when attached to a dude that is not in any posse.
  • General Store
  • William Specks’ ability wording. If it was a react, I think it’d be much easier to understand.
  • Quaterman not being affected by its controller effects and cards. It doesn’t feel right. I’d like it to say something like “Other players’ cards cannot move or boot Quaterman”
  • Choosing secretly if you’re using your grifter and then determining randomly which player is activating the grifter first is clunky. I would prefer just selecting randomly who is the “first” player and then that player activates his grifter or not, and then the other player does the same. Just one step.
  • Kung Fu techniques being discarded at the end of every round of shootout but their effects lasting (like any other shootout effect) until the end of the shootout.

Our group is slowly creating our own lingo for certain situations. Like how jobs are “Starring” the leader and the like.

We also put influence penalties on the dude with the penalty to keep track of it. The biggest rules problems we have been having are forgetting you cant shop or trade in town square. That constantly trips up newer players.

General store, AR and TYWM. General store has different rules for different type of goods and spells, and the other thing is it is the best for circus or high value spells decks .
TYWM because tokens have 0 bullets, and generally discarded/aced dudes have their printed bullets compared to current bullets of TYWM target.
Auto Revolver -because it works even if it not in the shootout.

Here is my chart with top 10 confusing rulings and interactions in dooomtown: reloaded.

  1. Smiling Tom. I read his ability like forbidnig using Noon action to move to location without 4r dude. I think that he should can be moved by cards ability like spirit trale or carters bounty.

  2. I have questions with spell wording. Litterally pull on soul blast and paralisys mark should be first, before executing pull text( chooose a dude). I woul like timing of hex would be described more accurate.

  3. I don’t really understand new template of deeds, that drops word controller. Question is why totems can be casted by not controller while their text is looks similar to me with new deeds? Should they have some keyword that reminds that?

  4. Ruling of Taking you with me and casualty into tokens is not seems clear for me. Why should a card be in discard pile/boothill to have bullets. Why modificators do not apply. Why can I play TYWM after taking 0 casuailties.

  5. Jackalin and Ramiro forming posse still use their traits. I feel that theree should be difference between “forming posse” and “joining posse”.

  6. Auto-revolver. I dn’t really get why it can be used from any location to affect shoot out hands. And why I cannot invent it not in poss if I don’t control location.

  7. Bring to the posse effects. Interaction of Rising hell, Spirit Dance, Cage and Scoop hound, Stage Office and other cards is not clear for me.

  8. General Store. As everybody said above.

  9. Unprepared. There is mess with dudes using abilities on goods. Not player using them. This is not specified in rulebook and due to this fact lot of rulings seems strange at first.

  10. Puppet. My favourite card. Interaction with every second card summons questions. The shortest for exampl if I control dude, do I control all attachments to him? More complicated if I puppet a dude can his abilty kill someone under Shield of Faith protection. The number of questions we discussed about puppet in our doomtown chat is over 20 I think. We already have a name for such occations: “obligatory puppet question” or OPQ.

So this is my toplist. Hope it helps desighners to make game better and clearer. I would really appretiate rulebook that allows us to predict rulings on new cards not wondering everytime and being surprised after ruleteam share their verdict.

By the way can I play No Turning Back into dude not currently in posse. I think no, just checking.

Resolution abilities must come from either an action card in your play hand (not your draw
hand), a deed or outfit in play, or a card in your posse (i.e a dude or one of their attached
cards). You can also use a Resolution ability on a card that’s not in a posse, but only if that
ability would bring a card currently in play into a posse.

Very good list btw. I decided that I will mention only three cards on my list, but I think I should have added Puppet. Only the fact that you can play your XP version on “Puppeted” dude, and then keep it as owner of a card puts this card very high if not on the top of a list :).

I would also add something to the list that isn’t on a card, but not everyone might be aware of. You can trade the goods between more than two dudes as a single trade play ( as long as they are at one location).

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Here’s an example of a complicated and confusing rule.

Question posted in the Facebook group:

One judge said you can use the ability on Winchester even if your dudes is booted, the other judge said you cannot. One player commented that in order to become a stud, your dude needs to be unbooted, otherwise you can use the ability, but won’t get any effect. Another player commented that the first sentence after the colon is a mandatory effect (requirement) that has to be fulfilled in order for the player to be able to use this ability in the first place. Which is still inaccurate becase “do X to do Y” is also a cost, even though it does not come before the colon.

A similar question was just asked on Reddit.

I really wish that all costs to an effect were before the colon.


Now i’m not certain how lay on hands works…

React (When another dude at this or an adjacent location is being discarded as a casualty, or aced at any time), Miracle 8, boot, boot attached dude: Send that dude home booted instead. That dude will not unboot during the Sundown phase at the end of this turn.

I’m not happy with this version, but React abilities costs and what causes them are weird to format…

I am fine with two sets of costs, one before colon, the other one in the “do X to do Y” format. The bad thing is the “first sentence is a mandatory effect”, I hope this will be gone at some point.

I just checked all cards from FJ, NTB, N@N and IOUF, and they all follow the “do X to do Y” format, except for only one card. So if the ‘mandatory effect’ rule was at some point removed, they would all (except one) retain their proper function. Good.

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I would prefer to see the difference between costs and effect be easily noted by punctuation and boldness. I understand the first sentence rule for cost, but I don’t like it, nor am I a fan of teaching the game based on it.

The first sentence after the colon is a mandatory effect, not a cost. The difference is that the resolution of mandatory effects can be prevented using card abilities. Payment of costs cannot.

For example, you can use Dr. Emanuel Ashbel to save a dude from Shotgun or Coachwhip, but not from No Turning Back (regardless of who plays it).

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This is great info thanks folks. Remember if you want to discuss anything said here can you do it in a separate thread simply so this is kept easy to reference