Card specific question (Evanor)

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Does Evanor’s second part of the shootout ability triggers even if it’s not attached to a blessed dude (If you win this round, the loser takes 1 additional casualty)?

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That’s correct, @Ahzrab. If the card is not attached to a Blessed dude, the first clause (If this dude is Blessed, they cannot be a casualty in the next round of the shootout (they are not protected this round)) doesn’t occur. Normally, this would mean that the card’s ability couldn’t be used, since you have to fulfill the requirement clause when you use an ability on a card.

However, since the Requirement Clause leads with an IF, it is allowed to fail. That means that if the card is attached to a non-blessed dude, the ability can still be used, just the first clause won’t have any effect. This does mean though that the Second Clause (If you win this round, the loser takes 1 additional casualty) still goes into effect.