Cardiff Sheriff event videos

Hello everyone.

I took my video camera to the Cardiff Sheriff event and recorded some games from the tournament. It’s taken me some time to figure out how to edit the videos but I’ve finally figured it out and I’ve uploaded my first video.

I’d be grateful for any comments, feedback or suggestions. I’ve recorded several other games I’d love to get feedback on my commentary and how to improve the video.

Thanks for watching!


Excellent! I would love to see more games and don’t hold back on the commentaries. The quality on my iPad is pretty good, but it can still be hard to guess all the cards, so pls comment on the cards played and even the combos on the table.
I like that you share your thoughts on shoutout hands. It’s the process we all go throu while deck building, so it’s highly relevant IMO. Same with whatever comments you have on the state of the game, money, influence, risks (pistol whip, rumors fx) ect. All relevant and interesting.

Keep up the good work!


You should put a link to the videos in OP.

Pushed me really hard. Great vid, last play was Barton walks to TS you called him out.

Yeah, I only realised at the end of the shootout when you moved Barton that it wasn’t a row job. I didn’t watch the video through first to make any notes so I was just commenting on things as I thought they were happening so in this case I didn’t pick up that it was a call out (and thus my analysis of running home was wrong, I had to stay and fight). I might try with my next video watching it through first and making some notes.

Great video!
Play was fast and comments were well done - thanks for sharing.

Yap, very interesting video and informative commentary, keep at it! :slight_smile:

Video from the second round is now up on Youtube. Comments and feedback still very much appreciated!

Hope to have a video from the next round up soon.

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I’ve uploaded a Round 3 match from Cardiff. Apologies for the blank screen at the end, I stopped the video too soon after the end of the game so I hadn’t finished talking. I don’t have any graphics skills so I just left a blank screen rather than something flashy.

I’ve got a couple more videos from Cardiff to upload before moving onto Huddersfield Sheriff.

Round 4 from Cardiff. Desolation Row vs Desolation Row.

One more video from Cardiff and then I’ll be moving onto Huddersfield Sheriff (which looks to have some cracking games).

Semi Final and Final have been uploaded to Youtube.

[b][/b] (no preview for spoiler free finals)

I apologise for missing the end of the final (my camera ran out of battery) but I decided to upload the footage anyway.

I’ve also added card images when cards are played (and starting posse for the final). Any feedback or further suggestions on how to improve the videos are greatly received.

That’s it for Cardiff, next up is Huddersfield Sheriff (where I got full recordings for every round!). I’ll be at Worcester tomorrow with the camera (sorry Andy!) and also London next weekend.

Thanks for watching.


Thanks for posting these - people often request videos on forums (not just streaming play) and these are very clear and the commentary is great. Pleasure meeting you in Huddersfield. Scott has always been a great opponent when I faced him in Edinburgh and Huddersfield, looking forward to seeing his matches.

Oh great idea adding in the card images and starting posses. Thanks for these!