Cards that work with Morgan Stables

Figured I’d go through the currently available cards (up to Foul Play) and list those with Noon or Shootout effects that can move your dude, for potential jank/combo inspiration when building a Morgan Stables deck. Here’s what I’ve got so far. Let me know if I’ve missed anything.

A: Soul Blast, La Quema, Civil War
2: Micah Ryse, Bluetick, Make the Smart Choice, Back Ways
3: The Stakes Just Rose, Mazatl, Asakichi Cooke
4: Prof. Eustace True, Rabbit’s Lunar Leap
5: Mustang, Rabbit’s Deception
6: Dr. Arden Gillman
7: Pinto, Run ‘em Down, Rafi Hamid
8: “Dead” Billy Jones
9: Jarrett Blake, Mechanical Horse, Surveyor’s Office
10: Carter’s Bounties, Shadow Walk, Gang Yi, Teleportation Device, Lane Healey xp1, Walk the Path, Spirit Trail, Personal Ornithopter
J: Kevin Wainwright, Sarah Meoquanee
Q: Clear Out!, Guide Horse
K: Railroad Station, A Secret Tunnel, Lillian Morgan

I’m assuming that if you react to movement that occurs in the middle of a Kung-Fu combo chain, you get an extra Shootout play once your combo is over.

Arising from this, I’ve asked a few questions on the rules Q&A forum over at AEG’s website and received some answers. Check here if you’ve got any queries to see if they’ve already been answered.

(Edited following rules team response over at AEG’s Q&A forum)


Probably best to get answers from the rules team but on Phantasm I would expect not.

Morgan Stables says

After you complete a Noon or Shootout ability that moved one of your dudes, draw a card and discard a card.

I doubt Phantasm constitues you completing an ability since your opponent is the one doing the ability.

Kung Fu could be interesting as to whether it lets you do the next action immediately or at the end of the combo. There’s nothing stopping you starting another combo with the next action so if you started a new combo immediately what happens to the old one (it just ending seems more intuitive but the least “useful” or positive for the use of the trait).

Job again is interesting because it technically moves you (and all the dudes who join the posse) in the “Saddle Up” step.

All excellent thoughts though and definitely worthy of the asking the rules team.

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