Casting Porte Travel with a Sorcerer in a duel

I played Porte Travel in a duel involving Giroux. I wounded her, she stayed in place, but I canceled all threat and ended the duel. Was that done correctly?

It’s not actually casting anything just to be clear. I’ll try to answer based on my understanding of your question.

I believe you mean: You are in duel and your participating character is Leontine Giroux (a Sorcerer). The combat card you chose to play on your round is Porte Travel. Yes, the Forced will take effect, and you may choose Leontine Giroux as the Sorcerer. Yes, Leontine would take a wound, would stay in place, and you would discard all your threat. Since you have no threat in your pool and sent no threat back to your opponent, the duel would end.

You interpreted my question correctly. Glad we played it right. Thanks for the time! Enjoying the game a lot!

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