Cesca Del Rosso Reaction + Copying Porte Travel + Timing

woozel — 12/07/2022 10:20 PM If Cesca copies Porte Travel, does that include the [You may repeat this action.] segment?
Also, how does the timing work? Cesca’s Reaction triggers on the targeting, but then says to “Copy and repeat.” Does the triggering action resolve first, then she repeats with a copy, or does her copy of the action “repeat” before the triggering action actually occurs?

CroyLCM — 12/08/2022 9:41 AM Short answer. Both those cards are getting updated. The “repeat” clause is part of the ability cesca may repeat it as its part of the ability. Cesca is getting updated to react after a sorcery action resolves that targeted a character at her location, So it doesn’t happen mid resolution @woozel

_Answered in Discord: Discord

Revisiting due to updated card text. Cesca may still use her reaction to copy the Sorcerer action on Porte Travel. In this example, the original Porte Travel will fully resolve the movement of the targeted character from the action, then Cesca’s copy of the Porte Travel would fully resolve.