Challenge: Build team decks

My challenge for you Gomorraites, is to build 2 decks that would be used in a 2 vs 2 game. All Multiplayer rules in effect except for Uniqueness, and win condition. All cards are unique for both members on a team. Change the win condition to “If it’s the start of the Sundown phase and one player on your team has more control points than the highest influence total among the other teams players, your team wins.” (not that’s separate influence totals)

Getting creative could be really fun, with lawdogs bountying up sloansters, gadgets pairing with hexes, Wardens and sloan setting up in town square, or super mario + D&D.

*small edit to the rules as suggested by jedilanni, to prevent possible extreme abuses of duplicate dudes. I changed again to be all uniques, to help diversify deck builds a bit.

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I would say the Original Law Dogs Starting the Wendy with support/ Des Row with the Aims Brothers and Milt. Both decks running The Evidence.
Morgan and The 4th ring running hexes and control everything in play.
As an extra rule for balancing make one single boothill for the team so only one can have a Steven in play or boothill. To counter double up on one outfit.

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Original Law Dogs to issue warrants, and then something like what I played today to go and collect on 'em :smile: