Classic Action Cards - Reloaded!

Fannin’ the Hammer
6 of clubs
1 cost
“React: Play after you have won a round of a shootout. Boot a non-melee weapon attached to one of your dudes to increase the number of casualties your opponent must take by two.”

Just a Graze
5 of clubs
3 cost
“React: Play after you have lost a round of a shootout. Reduce your casualties this round by one. Instead of paying the ghost rock cost of this card, you may boot an attire attached to one of the dudes in your posse.”

4 of clubs
0 cost
“React: Play when posses are being formed or when returning home from a job, and choose one of your dudes. Your dude does not need to boot to join the posse. If your dude has a horse attached, unboot them before forming posses or upon returning home from the job (but not both).”


Cool idea to take cards from Classic. Few notes,
FTH should only increase by 1 casualty. You already won, and you only have to boot a weapon, 2 extra bodies is a little overboard. Also some weapons don’t boot to be used, so it isn’t difficult to use like Outgunned can be.

Just A Graze is probably overcosted. I wouldn’t use it outside of an attire deck (oh god Yagn’s is attire…)

Giddyup! isn’t on value with a horse and that makes my eye twitch. Also the wording is really complicated. I like the idea, but maybe go with “React: Play when a dude with a horse joins a posse. Unboot the dude. If the posse is running a job do not boot the dudewhen going home after the job succeeds”.
Slight mechanical change, but also simpler.

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All good feedback. I’ll tell you though, I imagine this thread as more of a playful idea thread at best rather than a venue by which to correctly create/convert a Classic card into Reloaded. And because of that light-heartedness, instead of replying directly to your (solid!) feedback, I will share another couple fresh ideas.

K of clubs
4 cost
“While this card is attached to a deed, it is considered adjacent to locations with attached Totems, and it’s control points and production are reduced to 0.”
“Noon: Attach this card to a deed you have at least one dude at. If that dude is a Blessed or Shaman, you may reduce the cost of this action by that dude’s skill rating by booting them.”

Q of clubs
2 cost
“Noon Job, Boot: Mark your opponent’s home. If successful, Pull from your opponent’s deck. Take ghost rock from your opponent equal to half the value of the pull, rounded down, maximum 4, up to their entire stash, and raise the leader’s bounty by an equal amount.”

Head 'em Off at the Pass
J of clubs
0 cost
“React: Play when posses are being formed, and choose one of your dudes. That dude can join the posse from any location even if they are booted. If the dude is currently at a Ranch you own and you are not the leader, unboot that dude upon joining the posse.”