Classic Westerns reimagined with female leads

My friend is one of the curators of an art exhibition in Leeds reimagining classic westerns with female leads.

Lots of striking pieces of art that would make great Reloaded cards! There’s a reasonable chunk of the playerbase in the North of the UK that might even be able to make it along to the exhibition, and there are links for the rest of you below.

  • There are also a number of Reloaded, Classic and Deadlands RPG pieces that could probably have sat comfortable in this kind of exhibition, please let me know if you’ve got any good suggestions as I’d love to show some examples to my friend (in part to demonstrate that Doomtown is avant garde and ahead of the artistic curve!). - exhibition page
Felice House :: Re•Western - lots of the images

Edit: the exhibitions slogan even ties in nicely with Reloaded’s relaunch, “Tomorrow hopes we learned something from yesterday.” – John Wayne [precise quote differs in various sources]


The Law Dogs are filled with girls kicking ass heck an Asian one is the new sheriff.


Good shout Ivor, lots of good female gunslinger art in the Law Dogs. Several examples there I can send my friend, like Lucy Clover basic and Exp, Deborah West, Sister Mary and Wendy (who is a good recommendation too, but I don’t think ever became Sheriff? Abrame Groethe gave her the badge so she could seek out the next sheriff, which was Blackjack according to the Epilogue). Several in Sloane too.

I was trying to find a good picture of the “Gal with no Name” from the RPG, as one of the purest mirrors of a film dude, but didn’t have much luck in the newer RPG books. There were some of a female harrowed gunslinger in white but I couldn’t remember if she was too decomposed to be the “Gal with no Name”.

I believe The Gal with No Name is on the cover of A Fist Full of Ghost Rock, one of the Great Rail Wars skirmish games books.

Here on BGG

Fairly sure that artwork has been reused in one of the Reloaded books. I’ll have to flick through them again.


Leeds you say? Well that’s a whole world of only 40 minutes away. Will have to go and take a look

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Thanks @Doomdog, that’s perfect and shows that Deadlands was ahead of the art world on this! Exactly what I was looking for. I’ll email the link to my friend. :slight_smile:

@Whizzwang, excellent, hope you enjoy it if you make it along. I knew a decent chunk of the playerbase was nearby. I’m aiming to make the trip down from Edinburgh over the next few weeks, but it needs little more planning as we’re not just 40 minutes away!

Let me know when and I’ll see if we can get up the same day

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