Common Abbreviations

I’ve put together a short list of abbreviations that are very common. I am keeping this list to cards and terms that define a deck or play style. I may have missed some, so feel free to message me. Some staple cards arent really spoken about in short hand so are not on the list such as Unprepared, where as cards like Sun in your Eyes is often abbreviated.

1P: First People faction
4R: The Fourth Ring - Original Fearmonger outfit.
108: The 108 Righteous Bandits - Anarchists original outfit, often the shorthand for Anarchist faction
AN: Anarchist faction
BOTV: Beyond the Veil - First People outfit offering extra influence and movement.
CTC: Calling The Cavalry - Hand rank manipulation based on horses in a shoot
CTTP: Cheat through the pain - Using cheat to win to until your opponent runs out of cheating resolutions.
CTW or C2W: Cheat to Win - Playing your highest hand possible even if it’s cheating
CP: Control Point - you need control points to win
CR: Cheating Resolution - cards to punish cheating opponents.
DOT: Den of Thieves - Outlaw home with both extra economy and hand rank manipulation.
D.Row: Desolation Row - Outlaw outfit
EDS: Election Day Slaughter - An untargeted kill job with very high value.
EW: Eagle Wardens - First People original outfit
FF: Force Field - Gadget with exceptional hand rank manipulation combos.
FM: Fearmongers faction
FMB: Full Moon Brotherhood - Fearmongers outfit
H&R: Hit and Run - A difficult to stop tactic that aces dudes with shootout actions then leaves before comparing hands
HLF: Hot Lead Flyin’ - Lose to win card, previously a extremely potent; now nerfed so hard that perhaps everyone except Jayjester feels the card is unplayable.
HRM: Hand Rank Manipulation - Changing hand rank values, a very strong means of winning shootouts.
INWYK: It’s Not What You Know… - High impact Cheating Resolution
LD: Law Dogs - Either the original Law Dogs outfit, or refers to the Law Dogs faction
LH: Legendary Holster - A unique deadly weapon that usually restricts a deck to very low values.
LTW or L2W: Lose to Win - starting fights intending to lose to use Hot Lead Flying or Taking You With Me
MCC: Morgan Cattle Co. - Original Entrepreneur outfit.
OL: Outlaws faction
OON: Oddities of Nature - Fearmongers outfit most abomination decks play.
PTPT: Putting The Pieces Together - difficult to use, but high reward hand rank manipulation. Decks with this card are often have restrictions in building.
SiyE: Sun in Yer Eyes - huge debuff to opponents stud in shootout.
SG: The Sloane Gang - Original outfit for Outlaws.
TWHITM or THITM: This’ll Hurt in the Mornin’ - a potentially extremely effective Cheating Resolution
TYWM: Takin’ Ya With Me - A card that can cause a casualty against a shootout winner, the key piece of most lose to win decks.


Thanks for doing this! Can you add links to Doomtown DB for the cards that these acronyms refer to?

Also a few more:

  • LD = Law Dogs
  • SG = Sloane Gang
  • OL = Outlaws
  • FM = Fearmongers
  • EW = Eagle Wardens
  • FP = First Peoples
  • 108 = 108 Righteous Bandits
  • AN = Anarchists

Maybe separating them by group (e.g. factions, outfits, cards) and then alphabetical within each group would be helpful. Then again, perhaps a big alphabetical list for all of them is more useful.