Community building

I’m going to post this here. I am moving very soon to a non doomtown community so I will be starting a community from the bottom. While I can play on octgn when I want I enjoy the IRL a whole lot more than sitting at my desktop. I play thrones and many other games ,so I have a vast amount of games to pick from to start. I decided to start with doomtown because of the startup cost is smaller than others, I have more faith in AEG than the other company, also my location is very thematic for this game it’s part of their history. I started listening to a podcast the other day about thrones to prep me for the endeavor about ideas and hurdles. While getting depressed listening to their problems. I asked myself what, how, why, where, when questions to plan a strategy to build a community.To wrap this up what ideas have you all thought about or did and how did they work in building a community?


Find ONE opponent - even if it is your wife/so/kid, co-worker.
Then the TWO of you work with a FLGS to play Doomtown at the shop. It doesn’t even have to be advertised or touted as a demo. Just BE in the shop. Have learn to play decks (Mysticpickles one core set decks are FAR better than what’s in the learn to play guide) and be ready to teach/explain.

If others see YOU having fun, they’ll stop, ask, maybe play a demo, etc.

See if the shop can stock at least TWO copies of the base set and NTNR - e.g. they don’t have to go ‘all in’, but if someone wants to buy in, there is SOMETHING for them.


great advise. On the product I was going to stock it for them if they were going to be scared by that ( I got connections) I figures $100 out of my pocket is a small investment to convince store owners to promote and build a community. I was going to do a email newsletter for those that sit down to learn to keep them informed with the GG as a link. Once you go on here it turns into an addiction that doesn’t need counseling or intervention.


You might include MysticPickle’s builds as part of that email.

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