Community Challenge - Viable Starting Posse!

Hey Community,
Here is my challenge. Construct a 5-dude starting posse for every home that generates at least one “Boon” and let’s see if we can cover every home from every faction.

The Rules:
*Five starting Influence
*Three Ghost Rock (assume loss of Lowball)
*At least one Stud
*No more than one Upkeep
*No Jake Smiley!

*Six or more Influence
*Four or more Ghost Rock (assume loss of Lowball)
*Two or more Studs
*Zero Upkeep
*Multiple Skilled Dudes

Special Creative Rules:
You may accept a Drawback (below) in order to claim two Boons (above).

*Four or less Influence
*Two or less Ghost Rock (assume loss of Lowball)
*No Studs
*Two or more Upkeep
*Zero Skilled Dudes

Other Considerations:
Maybe you can think of a viable starting posse that breaks some of the rules above - Great! - please post and explain why your posse makes an exception. Maybe you have a different baseline of what constitutes a “viable starting posse” in Doomtown. Fair question. I guess where I first get the concept of “viable posse” comes from building decks - my baselines above are what I hold to a deck which I plan to progress from a casual environment into a competitive environment - from my playgroup to a tournament - as I find that such a posse can typically survive an early defeat (a shootout gone south, consecutive losses at Lowball, not drawing key cards you need…) and still have a chance of bouncing back. So that’s what I mean. If you have a different definition, please feel free to share.



I’ll start with a couple of easy ones:

Law Dogs
Clementine Lepp, Philip Swinford, Tommy Harden, “Thunder Boy” Nabbe, Willa Mae McGowan.
4GR left, 1 Upkeep, 5 Influence, 1 Stud and another who can become a stud when facing wanted dudes. Clementine can swap for Hattie DeLorre for extra wanted dude hate, higher value and the Deputy keyword at the cost of 1 more GR.

Morgan Regulators
Irving Patterson, Luke the Errand Boy, Chuan “Jen” Qi, Diego Linares, Nicholas Kramer.
4GR left, 1 upkeep, 5 Influence (6 if Jen gets a horse), 2 Studs, 2 Mad Scientists. The home ability can also make Luke a 2 Stud. Luke can swap for Maggie Harris for Horse-based decks for the cost of 1 more GR.


Justice in Exile

Stewart Davidson, Andrew Burton, Philip Swinford, “Thunder Boy” Nabbe, Henry Moran.


Glad to see PBE’s spoiled LD getting some love for an previously unappreciated home.

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Den of Thieves

Barton Everest
Makaio Kaleo, Esq.
Rico Rodegain or Genesee “Gina” Tailfeathers or Travis Moone
Plus two from: Lawrence Blackwood, Maria Kingsford or Antheia Pansofia

4 Influence, 3 Cash, 2 Production, 1 Stud.
“Boon” options with this line-up include either two skilled dudes (Maria and Antheia), or Lawrence’s ability to distance the gap to close a game using positioning by one chip (think of it as like a second point of Influence).

Creating a new “Boon” whereby the information Rico gives you allows you to dominate the early board (and/or fetch Allie Hensmen if you know you can survive on low Influence), Gina’s early card advantage kickstarts your card cycle, or Travis allows the option to mulligan and nets you one extra starting cash.

Yet another option is to swap in Milt Clemons for Barton as a down-payment on making an extra Ghost Rock per turn (but leaving your Lowball hands cheat-vulnerable).