Concerns about this forum's future

Seeing how posts get deleted left and right on the Doomtown facebook group (the whole thread about Mr.Miss just got erased), and knowing that some of the moderators from that group are also now mods on this forum (and my comment got deleted yesterday without any warning), I’d really like to hear a word of reassurance from the Admins that they’ll keep these mods in check, and that this forum will not become what the facebook group has become.

Regulars, your support would be appreciated.


I support your words. We are all adults, theres no reason to feel “menaces” feom comments with differents way of thinks, and also we must celebrate the liberty of expression. Please, moderators, dont act like the inquisition.

I agree, as long as somebody isn’t offensive their posts shouldn’t be deleted. There are things that people don’t like about the game like: single cards, particular rulings , art, balance. We want a forum when we can discuss everything we like and don’t like in the game without feeling the pressure from the mods.


btw mplain, what of your comments was deleted yesterday? just for curiosity :wink:

I’d like to hear a word of reassurance from the Admins first, then maybe the mod responsible will restore my comment, hopefully.

It was actually a reference to mods’ rampage on facebook group, and an implied concern that the same thing could happen here. Now I no longer feel like being subtle about it, I’d like to raise this concern publicly.

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FYI: Post in Facebook was deleted in error because someone reported it.

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There are like 10 mods there, and posts are deleted by auto-pilot?

Anyway, this doesn’t change anything. Posts still get deleted there (and here) without any warning. By mods.

Yep, it only takes 1/10 to do a mistake because FB is stupid like that.

Facebook is not the best place to have a forum, not historic, difficult to find old post, and a long etc…

I dont know what happen with Mr and mss…? Whats about? some pep got angry because is an hermaphrodite… in a freak circus?


No, because you lose influence when you refuse a call out.

And? is a western theme game. So whats happen if AEG decide to bring slaves?

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Please stay on topic. I’d really like the problem of deleted posts to be resolved here first, so that afterwards we could discuss any touchy subjects we like (in a separate thread).


Posts which are entirely irrelevent to the thread they are posted in, especially ones designed to incite argument will be removed without warning.

If you have an issue with this then either do not attempt to derail posts, or take this up directly with admin.

This thread is now locked.

Admin Reply:
As site owner, I trust the crew I’ve chosen. They’ve been told to inform anyone whose post is getting deleted that it is and why via PM. If that didn’t happen I apologize, it’s still a new policy - easy to forget. We rarely censor posts (I see here that you’ve only had 1 post deleted. And I agree with the Mod’s decision to delete it) and we typically only do it when it has absolutely no productive results.

As for banning, these will be used sparingly (so far our only hangin’ was a bot.) I believe in a complete community, dissenters and all. However I also believe in healthy, productive conversation - and the mods share this vision. Your deleted post was nothing of the sort.

One of the few rules I set for the forum was to respect the Admins and Moderators. We aren’t on Reddit. We aren’t on 4chan. We are on the social hub for Doomtown:Reloaded. The members and the Staff are held to a higher standard. I back up @Whizzwang on this decision.

That said, we aren’t going to delete threads that are on sensitive subjects, as long as they remain civil, mature and on topic.

This is not your forum to bitch about the admins or the admins of the facebook group. If you have an issue a PM will do nicely, we’ll see what we can do to help. A thread like this, demanding admin attention (please remember that @db0 is an admin and does a lot for this site and it’s functionality), is unacceptable. If a moderator makes a decision, PM the mod team about it. Don’t start a witch hunt. We hold you to the same standard as we hold ourselves. Remember that the Mods are the Law - and you are in violation of the rules when you create a thread like this or openly show them disrespect.


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