Confessing my sins

I played with Confession yesterday, and it’s kinda fun. I had two of them on Rev. Perry. I got into a shootout at my opponent’s deed, then removed the bounties I got for some extra cash. Then I realized I don’t need enemy dudes in vicinity to earn money that way - I can use one Confession to put a bounty on MY dude at home, then use the other one to remove it and gain some cash. Heck, I can even put bounties on Rev. Perry himself!

– Holy father, I have sinned.
– I forgive your sins, holy father.
– ???
– Profit :wink:

Did you guys have any success with Confession? It being a 5’ and failing Rev. Perry’s ability is a severe drawback, as I see it, you have to include it off-value, and for this to be worth it you need to make good use of it. Maybe you use it to activate The Arsenal, or earn even more money with Elmore Rhine? Share your stories! :slight_smile:


Felix Amador + Desolation Row + Confession = win (bonus points for also using Fred Aims)

That prevets you from using 3(and 4) as value and make your shoutout posse weaker due to skilled dude. And if you cannot succeed at job you will get no bounty. I think it is bad idea.

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Des Row only really cares about the first effect from Confession so you can very easily run 4s.

If you really want cash you can run Milt / Makaio to move the bounty around.

There’s nothing to stop you running a couple of 3s either. You’re certainly not prevented from doing so, you just need to weigh up your options.

You can’t run it as a low value deck like a standard Sloane - the law Dog shooter set would be a better option 6 / 7 / 8 is a good start as you get Holy Roller and Shield of Faith to stop excessive shootout casualties.

Lord Provides means you can run very few off value / pull failing cards and tutor for them.

Is it just an idea, or did you actually build this deck and had some success with it?

Mplain’s post encourage me to build this deck:

Will test it later. The idea is to make a lot of money with confession/milt and to deedslyde the whole gommorra. It’s vulnerable for kidneppings for sure, but probbably fun to play.

You could play this in Law Dogs, splash Milt and Incubation :wink:

It’s a little weak against the evidence if you’re purely relying on Fred for Influence so I’d maybe change the off value from 10 to 4 to pick up faithful hound if you see a lot of it in your meta

Looking at your deck I’d say that your dudes have enough influence, so evidence shouldn’t be a big problem, you can always add a hat or two just in case. The deck at first glance looks solid btw.

@swider 2 influence is enough?..

@Whizzwang How does Faithful Hound help against The Evidence? Why would they oppose a job with a dude carrying it, instead of using it straight after playing it?

I didn’t mean starting dudes, but dudes in the deck, starting posse can always be changed, also the idea is to win the first job on turn one and get 2 influence on Fred, or use evidence to give him a bounty. I don’t like very low starting influence myself, but without testing it is hard to say how often you will fail to end with less than 4 influence at the end of day one.
And i agree on a hound, you buy evidence and use it imediatelly, so there is a little chance to use hound
on evidence, since removing bounty doesn’t require booting and you don’t pay for it.

There are too many variables to assume that it’s always going to be “buy evidence / use evidence”

For example. What if I have my own evidence and I haven’t run the job? You buy and use immediately and I can automatically refill to 4. The hound is not a guaranteed answer, but if they hold out for you to use your own or run the job you can go after their evidence carrier with a kidnap and a dog.