Contributors and testers needed for official web-based Doomtown client


A small group of dedicated Doomtown players have been working on a project to bring a modern, web-based client for playing Doomtown to life. If you’ve used,, or, you will be familiar with the interface of Doomtown Online.

This project has been given official sanction by Pinebox Entertainment, and as such, when complete, will replace other virtual platforms for playing Doomtown tournaments online.

While we have a great base and are making progress each and every day, we need more hands on deck. As they say, many hands make light work, so we are looking for more contributors and testers!

If you have any coding skills we need help with engine updates, card implementations, unit testing, etc. The project is written in javascript, utilising node and react.js

There is work for all levels of coders, from scripting easy card interactions, to improving the engine behind the scenes, so even if you don’t have a lot of experience, don’t be afraid to give it a try!

If you don’t have any desire to write code, but still want to help, we need people to play games on the platform, to test card interactions and file bug reports so that we know what’s broken, what could use improvement, etc. Even just going through the documentation and improving grammar, fixing typos, writing clarifications, etc would be helpful!

If this sounds like a project that you’d be interested in helping out with, please shoot me a pm and I will help get you set up.

If you want to check the project out, go to where you will find links to the contribution guide and the beta game client. The production url for the game will be different, but that’s where you can find it for now.


Sneak peak!


If anyone is interested in helping develop this platform (we need people to help implement cards!) please fill out this form:

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I assume that this is still pretty under the table atm. Like i couldn’t for example film a game and then commentate over it for youtube purposes?