Core set or starter decks?


I’ve been meaning to try out DT for a while now and was about to get a copy of the core set at my local gaming store. However, I’m also about to visit a friend in the States which would make it easy to order and pick up a few of the PoD starter decks. I live in Sweden so shipping and custom fees are pretty high when ordering otherwise.

There does not seem to be an active local scene here, so I would pretty much be playing with one other person. If I’ll want to find more players I will probably have to play via OCTGN. This means I don’t really care if I can construct decks that are good enough for events or competitive play. The most important thing is maing the first few times we try out the game as easy and entertaining as possible.

Also, I feel I should mention there lives a demon collector inside of me. He’s a bit worried that I eventually will want to buy the core set anyway and that the starter decks will be a bunch of duplicates once I’ve decided to get everything. I can manage to keep him sedated for now, but he’s a restless sleeper.

Out of the two optins (1 core box vs 2 starter decks) which do you think would be the best introduction to the game? Also, if I should go with starter decks, are there factions that are considered more newbie-friendly than others?

An tips would be appreciated. Looking forward to spending more time here in the future.


Welcome to the game! I would recommend going with the Core Set first and if you get the Starters probably Morgan Regulators v. Desolation Row (Entrepreneurs v. Outlaws). While I’m not sure the active scene in Sweden, I hope Copenhagen is close as our major Doomtown Destination Event in 2020 will be there :slight_smile:


Great! I’ll start with the core set then. Thanks for the help. And the 2020 event sounds fun. While I don’t live super close to Denmark I do visit often as I have friends in the south of Sweden.
I think I’ve read that Discord is the best way to keep up to date and seek out events and online players. Is this still true or is there something like a Facebook or Slack community I could join?


Yep here’s the links!



And the Facebook Sweden Group (apologies for not thinking of that sooner!)


Starter decks.

The “extra” cards in starter decks are not only ALT-QUOTE, but also some cards you’ll want “extra” of anyway.

S’my 2 gr.


Hi! Great to hear there might be even more players in Sweden in the future.
I know there is a few players in Helsingborg and Malmö besides a smaller group outside Stockholm (who might apply for the next event series).

I’m one of the active guys in Copenhagen. Would be great to see you (and your shooting pardner) here at some point. Our Peacekeeper event is at November 24th btw., but otherwise please join our Facebook group for future events :wink:


Perfect! Will join as soon as I sort out my Discord account info. Thanks!


Right. One vote each for the core set and the starter decks. Guess I’m getting both. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. November is impossible I’m afraid but I do visit Copenhagen regularly so hopefully I can come by some other time. Just have to learn the game first I guess. :slightly_smiling_face:


Cool. You’re more then welcome to hook us up fx via Facebook for some friendly games when you’re in town! Irl is off course always busy, but nothing is impossible :cowboy_hat_face: