Corporeal Twist + Hex Slingin': Do I Get the Control Point?

I use Corporeal Twist on a dude.

Shootout Hex 4, Boot: One opposing dude gets -1 bullets and -2 value. If that dude is aced or discarded during this shootout, this Huckster permanently gains 1 control point.

During resolution I discard Corporeal Twist with Hex Slingin’.

Resolution: Discard a Hex from your dude in this posse to raise your draw hand rank by 2.

Will my dude receive a control point?

Same as with Flame-Thrower + Faithful Hound, this kind of ability creates a delayed effect that is separate from the source card, and will take full effect regardless of whether the source stays on the board or not. (Ruling)

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Thank you! I couldn’t think of another delayed response ability to check against.

Shield of Faith and Scoop Hound come to mind.

Think of it this way: if your huckster casts Forget and then gets discarded, you wouldn’t think that the affected dude can now use his ability, right? Same with other similar effects that say “cannot” or buff stats, and it doesn’t really matter whether that effect comes from a Noon or Shootout ability.


Excellent, one less difference between this game and Netrunner :slight_smile:

In Neuromancer the (Net-)Runners are also called Cowboys :wink:

to stay a bit OT: nice explanation mplain! :slight_smile:

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Actually, I see now that my examples are not the best because they create a condition that takes effect immediately (“from now on you cannot do X”) rather than a delayed effect.

Another example is Evanor: if you use its ability and then it gets eaten by a Dog, your Blessed dude would still be protected next round, and this round your opponent will have to take an additional casualty if they lose.