Corrected Images on dtdb

I’ve corrected the text on some of the digital images and uploaded them to an image server.

The images are posted in the ‘review’ area of each card on so they show up next to the one that’s currently in the database (I don’t think I can modify that).

If you’re in to online play, the hope is that it will help to have the corrected text on the cards.
There’s instructions how to find the existing OCTGN image in each review.

Feedback is welcome :gunslinger:


Awesome work!

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Thanks Pr0digy!
Ok I’ve corrected all the discrepancies that I know of.
18 in total - they can be found here: DTR Errata — ImgBB or on dtdb.

I hope the maintenance/upkeep of dtdb can be resumed (or transferred to someone else) at some point, because it’s going to be a problem if we can’t keep using it going forward.



Platypus made some updates to DTDB just today (correcting Slim and Thunder Boy for OCTGN export), so things are looking up!


He should add the EU Championship as a label for decks as well :slight_smile: