Culpability Scientizer - teaching old 'Dogs new tricks

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by David Hammond

The Curtain Rises in four weeks, and it’s time for the spoilers to finally start flying. Today we have a special gadget for Law Dogs fans. Many players have long complained about weak support for the Dog’s sub-theme of mad science.

I present to you fine folks, the Culpability Scientizer! Ain’t she a beaut? Low cost plus one of the lowest inventing difficulties to date, so there’s not a lot more that you could ask for. The Scientizer isn’t exclusively for upholding the law. Nevertheless, we all know what group is meant to wield this “modern” marvel as its flavor differs from the typical Morgan contraptions or even what the Clowns churn out. This gadget demonstrates what Law Dog’s science looks like, as it essentially turns anyone into a weird west detective.

So how can we utilize it? First off, it’s not a weapon, which means that if you decide to go full Tesla and pack your deck full of skeletons and flamethrowers, you can also tote one of these along. Zoe Halbrook, alas, must recuse herself from the fun. Janosz Pratt, Drew Beauman, and Roderick Byre are all fine candidates for a Dogs’ starting posse. Similar to Andrew Burton, you can put a bounty on anyone, instantly and regardless of their influence. The Scientizer plays well with the Dog’s primary theme, opening up bounty hunter call outs and repeated judge blitzes if you care to go that route. It also buffs The Arsenal as it allows for multiple call outs from the home and its own ability. This card shares a value with Quaterman and the potent Sun In Yer Eyes. Quaterman plus one of these bad boys creates a legitimate Doomtown Robocop, making players with a taste for thematic decks quite happy indeed. Being able to make the first play upon apprehending a wanted criminal should not be overlooked. This provides you with the opportunity to use Sun In Yer Eyes to de-power an opposing dude’s shotgun before it has a chance to go off (oftentimes a problematic goods for many of the low value law dogs ). Combine with Pearly’s Palace, or better yet also winning Lowball, and that’s two or three opportunities for hijinks and ensuing hilarity before the shootin’ begins (or at least their shootin’ n bootin’). Discarding for its ability appears sub-optimal at first, but re-draw as well as an increased tempo for issuing bounties gives your deck greater recovery power. Combine this with the versatile action card Framed and you will always have overflowing coffers! I’m eager to see how others revisit and revise Law Dog’s mad science.

Here is a sample deck to get your brains churning, since our newest shiny toy isn’t even in DTDB yet.

Outfit: Law Dogs - 1 wealth, 3 income, 3 influence

Spades ( *=starting posse ) ( 15 )

1x A Jake Smiley*

1x 2 Philip Swinford*

1x 3 Janosz Pratt*

1x 3 Tommy Harden*

1x 7 Roderick Byre

1x 8 Judge Harry Somerset ( exp. 1 )

2x 8 Steven Wiles

1x 8 Vasilis the Boar

1x 9 Dr. Dawn Edwards

1x 9 Mario Crane

1x 9 Xiong “Wendy” Cheng

1x J Clint Ramsey

1x J El Grajo

1x J Zoe Halbrook


Clubs ( 11 )

4x 8 Bounty Hunter

1x 9 Cheatin’ Varmint

2x 9 Framed

1x 9 Signing Over The Stores

2x J Flight of the Lepus

1x J Outgunned


Diamonds ( 11 )

1x 8 Circle M Ranch

2x 8 Lula’s Exploit

1x 8 Pat’s Perch

1x 9 Bunkhouse

1x 9 Epidemic Laboratory

1x 9 Old Marge’s Manor

1x J California Tax Office

1x J Jackson’s Strike

1x J Miasmatic Purifier

1x Q General Store


Hearts ( 15 )

4x 3 Culpability Scientizer

3x 8 Flame-Thrower

1x 8 Force Field

4x 9 Mechanical Horse

3x J Yagn’s Mechanical Skeleton

1x Joker ( black )

1x Joker ( red )


I really like this gadget - I’ve been saying for a while that what Arsenal gadgets really needed was some kind of crime predicting computer to place bounties, and this does that and more. Law Dog gadgets look like they’re starting to get the things to make the deck work. If there are some more Mad Scientists on the way soon even better!