Custom Card Creator and Best of Action Packs!

The ones I find I’m currently missing copies of most often are

Flight of the Lepus

And sometimes Grim Servant o’ Death and Comin’ Up Roses

Without promos, the ones on @TomTheOlympian s list would definitely be there as well, so including those makes sense.

Oh, and Point Blank - you can never have too many of those :wink:

Question vis “Tournament Legal”

Let’s say I want to play the new starting dude Tomas Ramirez,

but, seeing as this dude is based upon a real person, say I wanted to not only restore the apostrophe in his name (above the “a” in Tomas), but also repurpose the card with an actual picture of him, for example,

and changing nothing but what is mentioned above, would that still qualify as “Tournament Legal”?



1.B Roundup Categories In addition to sorting by Official and Social roundups, there are also four categories some roundups will fall into. Most of these will be Official, but some will be Social, as noted below.

  1. Organized Play Seasons: There are two “seasons” of roundups held per year, and each will have a distinct theme and prize pool. Roundups in these seasons are typically run by select Tournament Organizers at local gaming stores around the world.

  2. Conventions: Various gaming conventions are attended in an official capacity by Pine Box Entertainment throughout each year. For these conventions, special roundups will be held, most of which will be Official, but can also include special format Social roundups.

  3. Badges: These are roundups where top players can earn titles that come along with a physical badge representing that title. These badges will sometimes have an impact on other roundups, such as a convention roundup where players can “call out the Marshal.”

  4. Destination Events: These are the rarest category, usually held no more than once a year, where Pine Box will select a town or city for folks to meet up for a series of roundups, typically including both Official and Social roundups. These will usually be multiday affairs, with community outings planned by Pine Box while people stay in town.

The cards will be legal for Category 1) and Social roundups for all other categories only. We will update the Floor Rules to reflect this.


We will also have an Official Disclaimer on the Creator

Posted on Discord, but reposted here for completeness. I’ll make a little “*” if there’s a way to get duplicates of that card already.

Best Actions:
Sun in Yer Eyes*
Fleet Footed
Calling the Cavalry
Hex Slingin’
Faster on the Draw*
Takin’ Ya With Me
Nightmare at Noon

Faster on the Draw has a Promo as well.

Edited to reflect, I had forgotten that.

Huckleberry (5)
Disarm (6)
Framed (9)
Recruitment Drive (T)
Frontier Feud (Q)
Test of Wills (K)

Per notice on the other news thread, DriveThru had ceased productions until at least April 20.

Our plan is to have all the assets ready so that we can move on this quickly when they reopen so folks can have this fun project to do from home :slight_smile:

DriveThru has reopened!

Custom Card creator is in development.

New demo decks at reduced cost is currently being reviewed for public purchase.


To update everyone, the Demo Decks are live and assets are being transferred to get the Card Creator live soon with the Action Pack coming after. Should be live by mid-late September.


I wouldn’t mind copies of some of the better actions from the base set to make up for the fact that I only ever got a single base game. Despite that I preordered a deluxe set when it was announced. and it never arrived…

still kinda bitter about that…

anyway, I would love more copies of sun, stakes, kidnappin, etc

Those Actions can be found now in the OP Kits available for sale as well as bundles:

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As well as the new cards from the expansion itself, there comes a reckoning has promo/errata versions of a bunch of popular cards. Listed far down the post here: May 2020 Buyer's Guide to Doomtown Reloaded & introductory decks for 2x Base Set (plus expansion decks). Or Lapp’s excellent suggestion ok buying old op kits above. :slight_smile:

The Best of Action Pack is now live!


Card creator is live


How cool would it be to have a contest/poll of community-submitted cards where we could vote on our favorite? Maybe a weekly/biweekly thing with a different category (legends, deeds, etc) for each poll?


Does one of the winners go in to a set? :slight_smile:

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I’m catching up after vacation, I agree with all the above


Custom Card Creator Link: