[Dawgs] Where did the anti-cheatin' focus go?

Anyone notice that after the base set the Dawgs faction theme of having anti-cheatin’ abilities on their dudes has more-or-less died off? In the base set we saw Montreal, Phil, Tommy, and Lucy all displaying this theme.

Since then–7 releases later–there has only been Drew, who is really just a so-so character (though that’s in part because the Science sub-archetype in LDs is stagnant).

I somewhat feel like this is my new “there’s not enough wanted punishment” hang-up :slight_smile: We saw a solid investment in the base set and then just 1 so-so continuation of the theme. What gives, Design Team? Where’s our rad holy roller with a nice anti-cheatin’ shootout trait/ability already?

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Don’t want to derail the thread with the first comment, but… You’ve had plenty of time to test Ol’ Fashioned Hangin’ by now. Do you still believe that it’s everything you ever wanted and needed for the anti-wanted Law Dogs deck?

Everything? No. But I still seriously love it, my favorite card in DTR probably.

Now, back on-topic you trouble maker!

Tommy and Philipp are extremely solid dudes and often included in starting posses, at least in mine. So maybe the anti-cheating theme just started very strong and you don’t need another way of telling your opponent “you better not cheat”.

Also, not a hugh fan of themes that rely on something the opponent can more or less easily avoid.

Sometimes, the most effective anti-cheating card is the one you don’t play. #deepasBuriedTreasures

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I think this is exactly it. Tommy Harden is one of the biggest no-brainer starter dudes in the game: 1 Stud, 1 Influence, potential to give you +2 hand rank. 5 cost, 0 upkeep. Total powerhouse, and pretty much defines the faction.


And the expansions have largely expanded on the bigger themes, like support for the Arsenal with more mads/blessed.