[DD] A Slight Modification - New preview card!

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A way around Unprepared (and other non-cheatin’ resolutions)!

Can cause interesting plays during low ball too.

Woops :smiley:

You don’t have a dude in your posse during lowball, and there’s no resolutions possible, so…nope! :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t think it works in lowball, since you have to boot a gadget in your posse.

Edit: db0 is too fast ^^

Fortunately, my wife disagrees! :stuck_out_tongue:


Flies above Sun in Yer Eyes, dodges Pistol Whips!


Always prepared!


Excellent value. Excellent ability. Stopping a technique could save or win you a game. Same with unprepared. Go in confidently against hex slingers or engage the dude who has the legendary holster confidently. This is defiantly now a gadgeting standard.


Ok - first of all, great card.

However, it does create some ‘issues’ for me - maybe only good issues though.

I have been playing a clubless straight flush gadget deck for a while, and I find that I have the most success with having 2 cheatin’ varmints and 2 INWYK in the deck (balancing number of clubs vs necessity of being able to degrade my opponents hand rank). With this new card if I were to include it it would bring my clubs up to 6 in the deck at a minimum. In other words I am not sure how well the cards synergises with clubless?

Any thoughts?

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Another great piece by Riccardo Rullo. Riccardo had to work of an existing piece/descriptor (Larry Wilson Flamethrower). Retaining the spirit of the original character while ‘making it his own’ is NOT easy to do. Bravissimo!


Well, you can now play Force Field to work with the hand rank and it matches the value. Alternatively you can play Rich Man’s Guard Dog for cheatin’ Punishment.

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I agree.

The issue as I see it however, is that what we can do with clubless gadgets right now is:

  1. Extra Bullets! And lots of them :smiley:
  2. Movement
  3. Zapping people with Asyncoil gun
  4. Creating some income
  5. Unbooting

However, the challenge for clubless is 2 things:

  1. Lack of actions (obviously)
  2. Weaker draw structure (lacking clubs decreases the availability of legal 4 and 5 of a kind)

In-game this means that you can go for a legal full house or flush/straight flush build which in shootouts means you will be trading dudes with other shooter decks (if you use Force Field) - which then becomes an ‘attrition’ war, which (so far barring the use of mutant cattle) gadgets aren’t winning (when you lose a dude you often lose gadgets as well).

There are 2 ways of countering this as I see it - drawing the Straight Flush and a ‘pay-2-win’ strategy where when you dont draw the straight flush, you pay for force field and Cheatin’ Varmint/INWYK.

Following that line of thought, A Slight Modification of course helps gadgets enormously, but adds even more clubs to a deck that needs some clubs (the above) to work, but at the same time should minimize the clubs.

So how many clubs and which do you play in your clubless decks? And how do you win with these decks? Or is there a flaw in my analysis of clubless?

Of course there are other ways to play clubless - especially with the Miasmatic Purifier coming :smiley: So any other ideas are welcome as well…


Yeah Miasmatic is going to boost your game significantly, providing you that extra cheap CP to force your opponent to come to you.

The best way, imho is to play it with SOME risk, in the form of 4x or 6x clubs. This way you can still ASM the opponents unprepared, and you can still get significant bullets from your gadgets to have a good chance at straight flush. Use Asyncoils to drive them away, but usually their threat is enough to force them to hide. Alternatively with Mech Horses and Super-Serums you can try to play the outmaneuvering game, assuming you have enough money lying around.

So one way to play it is with SF structure, along with a Force Field and a good amount of sidekicks or expendable dudes. You go for a SF, and when you fail, you use your FF to match them and get rid of a sidekick or expendable dude. Your asyncoils make sure the opponent’s expendable dudes are harder to use. Once you’re down to your main shooter, you run away and wait until you get more sidekicks etc.


This actually made me want to play gadgets now.


There are few options actually. As others said your most reliable friends are FF, Rich Man’s, and I would add to the list QDH and Mutant Cattle.
There is one specific play, that is hard to pull off, but it is possible. You need Doyle’s to make it work. Generally speaking you go for a legal hand and then use FF to increase your hand rank, lets say twice and then you play Doyle’s to change your hand to Straigh Flush. You can also play it on Mutant Catle for +1 hand rank bonus.
The other good play is FF to QDH, you increase your hand rank as much as you need to and then you swap hands with QDH, it is not obvious for everybody but hand rank modifier from using FF last until the end of the round.
Side kicks are a must in clubless unless you play many dudes you can recycle.


I agree that the uncrowned king is FF. However, I prefer to have some risk as well and include some clubs - combining FF with buying your opponents hand rank down is great. Havent tried a dedicated Mutant Cattle deck yet - that would be fun.

Good idea with Doyle’s thougth it was a react but can see its been errata’d to a resolution!

I’ll try to increase number of Clubs to 6… Ill return when I have some results of the experiment.

+1 to Quick Draw Handgun - it’s a heart, on value with good cards (such as Custom Modification), and makes most pulls (esp. w/ MS1 or MS2) and can really punish cheatin’. I usually run 2x of FF or Flamethrower and 2x of QDH.

If I’m really brave, I’ll run a 1-2x of Pair of Six shooters .Yes, it auto-fails pulls, but it really solves the ‘four (straight) flush’ problem sooooo nicely. Only for jank/casual decks though :wink:

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This is definitely a gamechanger for gadgets across the board. I think this will drastically change how people approach playing against gadget shooters.

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I have never said I don’t use clubs at all. You need to “imitate” some of their functionality though. I think running 4 clubs is actually “safe”, with testing range running 6 shouldn’t be a problem, unless you plan on using Teleporting + Asyncoil + something else on the same turn.

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Very much agree - though I have never run 6, so thats for testing.

I also think this deck is very reliant on ‘building’ your play hand by saving clubs in it till an important shootout (which also takes them out of your draw and pull structure).