[DD] Preview: Disgenuine Currency Press

From Russia with love :kissing_heart:

Good card, but Morgan scientists don’t need money, they got that in spades (well, diamonds, but you know what I mean), something to speed up all the set up a gadget deck needs, would be great…


I feel a bounty should have been gained for doing such a thing, but I guess bribes were made.

It is a ghost rock generator which will help with currency. It’s low value but with MS 1 can be easy invented. The card will go in decks just for the 3 or 5 accerator in ghost rock. I think with reserves and buried treasures and this the second ability to draw that card will be important because with the ability to pay for a lot of cards you will also need to replenish your hand quickly so draw will be important. Thinking running this on a 6,8,10 structure for draw and more monies.

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:blush: its a good start, cant wait for The outfit.

Not really sold on it to be honest. It’s not what gadget decks need to compete and it more or less just negates some drawbacks this deck type tend to have but not really pushing it to where other decks are right now. Money is not the problem and again, the tempo boost just adjusts the general disadvantage. And the low value is final thing that keeps me from liking this card.

But maybe I am a little bit biased towards gadgets because I really don’t like the mechanic very much, compared to the other pull-based strategies at least.

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I love this card personally and I haven’t been a big fan of gadgets

Seems more like a card for Law Dog Mads. Though how many ways are there to discard a gadget? Either some new cards or even the Morgan outfit are a possibility (though I still think we need to see a Horse/Ranch based outfit first)

This card looks a touch dysfunctional. You want to ditch it as soon as you build it, but then you’re going to have a 4-pull floating around in your gadget deck and there’s not many (useful) ways to discard gadgets, too. Hopefully Morgan’s new outfit will be able to do something cool like cannibalizing one gadget to build another at a lower difficulty. Until I see that, I’ll be waiting for something to make it worth the risk or simply render it obsolete.

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At the moment, will reserve judgement. Value is a bit too low for most of the gadget decks out there, so this will likely be featured in a new kind of gadget deck, with low pull requirements.

I think this is an excellent card - but it is a bit specialised in its use.

At the moment I am running a Straight Flush Clubless Gadgetorium deck - and in that deck it would compete against Telepathy Helmet and Mutant Cattle for a spot AND even though the deck does run on having a great economy - I dont think the boost would be necessary.

However, if I build a specialized Pay2Win deck I would definetely include it, maybe even 4 of them, to ensure the early econ necessary to withstand agression.

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