[DD] Preview: Erik Samson


This should make those who have been clamoring for a low-cost Blessed with influence VERY happy.


This guy ticks a lot of boxes. Awesome!

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I am very happy indeed. The guy itself just by his numbers is awesome.

What doesn’t make me so happy is that most of LD dudes are of a voltron kind(specially since Abraham’s Crusaders came out) and with Erik you have to keep track of deputies, blessed, miracles, melee weapons, mystical goods…

So many things to start working at full potential.

Cool card. Been wanting more Blessed 1’s and 2’s, but I’ll take a Blessed that can ramp up bullets and influence!

Why do you need to keep track of deputies, blessed and miracles with Erik?

I been working on a holy railroad on the little long day. That’s all I can think about with the art. Nice Studley blessed with same value as FOTD.

It’s not keeping track, but more bearing it in mind while deckbiulding. Depending on traits to build your deck is bad, depending on traits and goods to build your deck is worse, depending on many keywords and many kinds of goods is terribad.

I feel like LD are the faction that has to reduce his options while deckbuilding the most.

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I’m pretty happy with him. His stats alone mostly justify a 3/1 cost. His traits align with things you’ll already want to be doing out of Crusaders, so it meshes well without pulling away deck focus.

I mean if you use Crusaders to make him a Deputy give him Stoker’s Sabre and a Holy Roller and he’s a potential 7 Stud (in a fight, after double-tapping Holy Roller (2 base + 2 saber + 2 from HRs +1 from Crusaders), with some protection from the HRs, and with 3 influence to bully around.

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I think possibly the biggest thing he has going for him is he can do the Super Man thing fairly well but for significantly cheaper than our other options like Sr. Mary or Abram XP1.

Because of being cheaper that means you can squeeze in extra starting dude options, like pulling in Tommy for a starting/backup stud until you can get something for Samson or Burton, etc. A Samson/Tommy/Phil/Burton start gives you 3 viable shooters, 2 blesseds, 3 influence (on 3 different dudes), and for only 14/1 cost. And because of the way Crusaders works you’ll want to spread the love around a bit rather than tower-building, which makes having the 4 bodies nice.

The one drawback I see to that is you’re left with only Blessed 0’s which cramps your values for building in Miracles. It locks out Confession as a viable way to splash bounties as well, so fitting some aggro into the deck could be tricky.


One other drawback… His brother is Loki.


And his lover is Delilah

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Let’s hope he doesn’t acquire the jaw bone of an ass anywhere then.

That said, I think he’s a great addition to the LD’s Blessed. Good to see them finally pushing the theme harder

Look at that.
Definitely the possible cornerstone of the Blessed Voltron deck.

Like him, even the Value

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His value is nearly perfect, I feel. He’s a perfectly viable starter but also runs great out of 6’s, too. He’s not pigeon-holed into an either-or choice. Also, you can run him with 6’s and sacrifice the slightly weaker draw structure but with all the Blessed protection he’s likely to get discarded if he loses shootouts, which is just fine for the draw structure :slight_smile:


I get the feeling there are more cards that interact with melee weapons or mystical goods than melee weapons or mystical goods. AEG, if you’re reading this – moar magic swords pee ell zee.

Psh, check out the blonde hair and beard. We need Mjolnir! :slight_smile:

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Someone hasn’t checked the spoilers yet I imagine… :stuck_out_tongue:

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No, I hadn’t yet. Last time I check the FB thread on unofficial spoilers they were just talking outfits :smile:

That’s a great card overall, solves a number of gaps and still has a meaningful choice in deck construction because it directly competes with another great card.

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