[DD] Preview & Fiction: Miasmatic Purifier

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Ooookay … so if you pull a club and the deed gets discarded, where do the dudes at it go?

It’s in the manual. They go home booted.

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That’s much better. A deed that defends its control by itself, good at the end of the game when you’ve emptied your deck of anything but clubs.

Or if you’re running a club-less Morgan deck.

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Oh right. So this is even nastier, as it sends the dudes home booted AND doesn’t let you unboot them afterward. Wow.


Its the controller that does the pull. Shootout decks can not bank on going there to steal the win from you.


Correct, and if they go there early to cost you the deed, you just lost 1 GR and they got one (or more) dudes disabled for that turn.

With both deeds spoiled so far I am liking them mainly for the values.

Testing Range specifies abilities and this a trait so it will not apply correct?

I really, really hope testing range works on this. Puhlease?

This is a great card - exactly what is needed as a finisher for clubless. I actually thought it would be a gadget with a control point job - but this is even better.

Wow, 2 control and 1 production is very good for a cost 1 gadget, but thats not all, it’s Non-Unique! Our first non-unique deed, and it’s 2 control points! Gadgetorium could get 2 of these down in one turn for the total cost of 1 gr and 1 booted scientist. Drew Beau could invent one of these during lowball if you’re opponent is cheating, costing you 0 total after it produces.
The discard trait is interesting, and as said, could help prevent the deed from falling into the wrong hands.

Was expecting it to have an ability that would remove a condition, but It seems to not quite be functioning as specks had hoped.


It is working exactly as Specks had hoped :wink:

Non-unique? Jesus penis.

I like playing against dudes ‘n’ deeds, so I’m glad this is in there. The games are longer, but it’s always a very strategic game of positioning, with less reliance on luck/shootouts. I might just make a dudes ‘n’ deeds deck of my own now that this is here.