[DD] Preview: Mza Gang Hideout

[At Ludiworld’s website.][1]

Pretty awesome IMHO.
[1]: http://www.ludiworld.com/LeBlog/wordpress/2015/10/20/maza-gang-hideout-preview-doomtown-dirty-deeds/


I agree on pretty awesome. Cheap income for aggro decks running 7 for Kidnappin who only had access to 4 cost deeds at that slot which gave income.

Pretty good, mainly because it is a 7. On another value it might have had more competition but this way it will be played in almost any deck that runs 7 as a main value. Nice to have.

Very interesting interaction with the rules. You can move from town square to the hideout without booting.

A dude can move from the town square to an in-town deed or to another player’s home (but not to the controlling player’s own home) without booting.

Notice it doesn’t say that the location you’re moving to must be adjacent, just that it is in town, and not your own home.

It being non-adjacent to town square is most significant though to forming posses and opposing jobs. And also abilities that target adjacent locations.


Soooo…what are the most adjacent sites this can get up to…? Using 4 spirit Trails (one goes on the hideout) and having 2 sites on each side,. 5 production? Any other cards that would add to this?

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I’m not to sure as a fairly new player but maybe if you put a spirit trail on a surveyors office, out of town deeds are adjacent to the survey office, which because of spirit trail is adjacent to the Mza gang hideout, think that works??

Surveyors office wouldn’t make out of towns deeds work, but other players spirit trails would work.

Oh yeah…good one… didnt think of that. Therefore…if you play 4 spirit Trails and your opponent does as well…and they are feeling really generous by putting their spirit Trails on ones you didnt… You could generate up to 9 each turn from the hideout… Unlikely scenario…but possible… :wink:

Well…let be the first to say Welcome to Gomorra! And enjoy your stay! It takes some time to get used to all of the rules…but the more games you play…the easier it gets.

I’m not aa big fan of this card.

Waiting to be convinced otherwise