[DD] Preview & Story: Rico Rodegain

At [AEG’s][1] Site

Pretty awesome.
[1]: http://www.alderac.com/doomtown/2015/10/28/dirty-deeds-preview-rico-rodegain/


A grifter with 1 influence that lets you re-do your starting posse after looking at your opponents hand? Wow that is nuts. Plus he’s got a high value to protect against value/grit checks like Paralysis Mark. This is really good.


So, as i read, you can put any dude of any faction in your new posse!? its crazy!


Oh god please, not with that artwork.

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From the rules Forum:

“Unfortunately, a pre-templating draft version of the card was previewed
instead of the card as it went to print. Don’t ask me how that
happened, it’s not my department, but it did happen. The corrected
version, which will go up eventually (I hope), should answer your


So, let’s see… sounds totally crazy for sure ^^

Db0 has posted this on FB, this is supossed to be the final version, so no, you can’t start out of faction dudes.

To be honest, the intention is clear but the wording is pure hell.

Edit: The artwork is nice, I like it, until I see the (lack of) background…


Still a great card for the change up to your posse. I need some more bullets or influence depending on opponents hand.

I appreciate the art. And the drifter with influence for 3.


Also, along with ghost rock, influence, control points, INFORMATION is a valuable commodity.
After lowball you will have seen their starting posse, play hand, low ball hand. That is nearly 1/3 of their deck.
Draw structure - tech cards, do they have cheatin’/sun in yer eyes/pistol whip in hand?

Yes, please.


Apparently, it was a last minute change the cards that didn’t make it into the files I had, hence the posting of the wrong version.

Sorry, folks. The correct one is in the preview now.


À great card !

I like how it opens new possibilities and opening in the game.

The art is funny.

Waiting for him for testing !