[DD] Preview: Zachary Deloria

Spoiled in the Podcast Booted Dudes Podcast. Please check it out, it is really good, these guys are doing god’s work.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! What the hell have they done! You just turned the worst abomination of a deck that I have ever built, and made it better. I didn’t even want to like that deck, and now this.

Ballot Counter + Zachary = Pay for any amount of stud bonus you want.
Kicking boots + pistol whip = Huge influence, huge stud, unbooting after sending dudes home booted.

At least they put a restriction on him only working in faction. Could have been extremely powerful in high influence morgan, or him and Avie Cline xp1.



Seriously, Wardens get some serious, obvious love. And I don’t mean like, designer bias, I mean, a lot of cards you look at and it’s just obvious when it’s a good card. Very very nice!

Excellent dude that also can change the starting options.
I do agree thou, that it seems almost to easy to build shaman decks - kinda like 4r :wink: But hey, whatever, they are fun to play with and against! :blush:

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I’m not sure I do know who that is! Looks like an older deputy, possibly someone we haven’t seen yet.

This dude could make me think of some changes in my starting posse !
I play Marcia Black Elk & Jack Smiley with John Radcliffe + Jacqueline for some protection. But with this add I could barely think of adding Enapay and throw John for Zachary for more Shaman, and as much Studiness love.

I like the art and the flavor too. Those Wardens really please me ! My second favorite after the Crusader…hum… sry the Law Dogs faction !

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Wow that’s a very strong dude! I like it, either as a 9 for your draw structure or a stud starter to follow around Marcia or Enapay. Alternatively, give him a Fancy Hat and Idol of Tlazolteotl for a one-man killing machine (bonus points for Yan Li’s and Mayor’s Office).