Deadwood Story Introduction

So far you’ve seen a few cards featured in our lead in story that follows Jonah Essex and his posse in his transition to Deadwood.

Those stories can be read here as Aces Low Act I and Aces Low Part II

Aces Low Act III will be written with player influence in what will be our final Online Badge round-up as we award the 2020 Marshall Badge in a post-Welcome to Deadwood environment. While we await this event and subsequent story, let’s look at a Deed and Dude that will be featured in Jonah’s story. The following excerpt comes from the Deadlands supplement, The Last Sons.

On Friday nights, the inner circle of local Freemasons gathers at Cheyenne House with their newest associate—a subdued fellow of grayish cast named Alferd Packer. Packer has displayed an uncanny talent for collecting the large amounts of blood necessary for the cult’s weekly rituals of consecration. He also eliminates anyone who pokes his nose where it doesn’t belong. Alferd Packer typically lurks in the house above, keeping an eye out for intruders, while Lew Esquilin and fiends conduct rituals.

This sumptuously decorated mansion in town caters to the richest cattlemen, bankers, land agents, and mining barons in the region. Dues are outrageous, but members pay gladly for a sanctuary from the salt of the earth. There is an inner circle of members—including Mayor Byrne and Marshal Watley—who know about the old caves underneath the Cheyenne Club, and use them to perform bloodcurdling Masonic rituals on certain significant days. This egregious misbehavin’ has been going on since 1866.

Discuss both cards here or on the Doomtown Discord server. Welcome to Deadwood is due to ship this month and can be ordered from your FLGS or through Pine Box Entertainment.