Deadwood: The Domain of War

Deadwood: The Domain of War

Tombstone took Doomtown from Gomorra to the Domain of Death and its Servitor, none other than Jasper Stone. While we continue that story with an upcoming Aftermath Act VII, Pine Box will continue to branch out over the Weird West in the now May of 1882. The prequel of Jonah Essex’s transition to the Badlands has started with Aces Low Acts I and II. While our current Doomtown storyline is set in 1882, the new edition of Deadlands brings the RPG Weird West setting to 1884. The following will tell you a little about the area in what to expect moving forward as future expansions detail more of this area, much as Pine Box did with the Tombstone Trilogy sets (Too Tough to Die, Out for Blood, and Hell’s Comin’ With Me). These previous expansions are available at your FLGS or the online store.

This excerpt is taken directly from the new Deadlands Core Book:

Special totems surround Deadwood and run parallel to the Iron Dragon rail line that goes to it. Inside the area marked by the totem poles, technology works as usual. Outside, not a chance. This helps keep Deadwood a wild, secluded place. Over a third of the population makes its living from saloons, gambling, or prostitution. The knowledge that a vast, primitive zone surrounds the whole town lurks in the back of every citizen’s mind, and most eat, drink, and make merry, for they might never see tomorrow. This kind of debauchery just over the horizon is a powerful reminder to the Sioux—the Old Ways bought the Sioux their freedom, but they didn’t expel the white man. Despite the perception of the Sioux, Marshal Seth Bullock and his deputies do their best to keep the peace and round up any errant drunks. He tries to keep violence to a minimum—especially when Sioux are mixed up in an incident—but things don’t always work out the way he’d like. Some miners refuse to leave their stakes for fear claim jumpers will rob them blind. The Sioux leave these miners alone, provided they don’t wander off their registered claims.

We look forward to the pending joint Doomtown / Savage Worlds Community Destination Event to the real-life city of Deadwood in 2021 with alternate formats planned that capture the essence of the Deadlands RPG rules as they apply to the Deadwood region.

Enjoy this new Hex from the upcoming expansion, Welcome to Deadwood, now available for preorder.