Deck: All In Conditions

I’m looking for advice on this next deck. 4th Ring All In Conditions.

I’m trying to have a few decks together so that I can slowly get my play group back in without them necessarily having to deck build from scratch. So here is my initial stab!

Thanks in advance!

I think requesting feedback works better if you publish the deck on

That said, here is a deck that fielded highly prior to the (overcorrective!) Hot Lead Flying errata, which you may use to compare:

In any case, you need a really good excuse not to start 5 dudes in this game. I think Henry Moran would really help as your 5th man.

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If you were to loosen the structure slightly you could add some Tummy Twisters and Phantasms, which would get more value out of your Lost to the Plagues. I suppose it depends on how often your group goes for Cheatin’ hands, but I’ve not found Deliberate Infection to be reliable enough for combining with Lost to the Plague, and there seems very little point in using it on someone who’s survived a Forced Quarantine job as they’ll be booted and getting discarded at the end of the turn.

If you’re just going all-in aggro, then Hex Slingin’ or the other J value Resolutions would probably work better.

Swapping out a Magical Distraction for a Stone Idol could expand the range of Lost to the Plague targets if you just want to use them to control low value dudes.

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Unfortunately that one is blocked at work.

I’ve been having a lot of fun playing a Sanatarium Conditions deck like yours for the last few months. Here’s my deck:

Pathogen to Victory

It’s gone through several iterations. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. It’s all about Forced Quarantine. You can drop the other conditions. With Jia Mein’s ability to bring it back to your hand, you should be able to play it every turn. Your action cards, goods, hexes and the other dudes in your posse should have one purpose - support Jia Mein and the success of running Forced Quarantine.

Side Note: You really need 5 dudes in your starting posse. Henry Moran works well, as does Willa Mae MacGowan.

  1. You have to protect Jia Mein or the deck falls apart. At first I did this by starting Tyx, but I’ve now replaced him with Willa Mae MacGowan and The Brute. This gives me 2 dudes to act as safety nets should my Forced Quarantine job go sideways, as well as better economy to play Blood Curse and Rapiers on turn 1.

I used to run Christine Perfect but replaced her with The Brute when I realized her ability didn’t really help me run Forced Quarantine. Your home ability works well enough for that, and The Brute is better in a shootout.

  1. A good back-up stud is a necessity to accompany Jia Mein as he’ll be targeted while doing the Forced Quarantine job. I went with Funtime as he becomes a 3-stud when given a Rapier, but Valeria works too. I dropped 2 Forgets to add the Rapiers and they’ve proven very effective. I’ve been tempted to cut Forget entirely but there are a few dudes running around with annoying abilities so I’ve kept it for now.

  2. Jake Smiley makes a good bulwark to hold the line while most of your posse goes home booted after doing the Forced Quarantine job. With the Sanatarium + Jake you’ve got 5 influence. That should be enough to keep you in the game for the first few turns. After that, I went with 10s so I could throw down Avie Cline or Doris Powell if needed.

  3. I chose 10s as a main value over Kings for cheap dudes, Shadow Walk (a free hex to recycle Forced Quarantine or to jump to out-of-town deeds) and No Funny Stuff.

No Funny Stuff pairs perfectly with Sight Beyond Sight which you can splash in the deck as an off value. Personally, I feel Ivor, Smiling Tom and the like are too expensive for this deck (especially Ivor, and Smiling Tom can’t join the Forced Quarantine posse unless you have a 4th Ring dude already at the mark’s location which is frustrating). I chose to stick with cheap bodies like Denise Brancini and El Grajo so I could throw them into the Quarantine job with Jia or have them run around town causing mischief.

  1. Speaking of cheap dudes, Henry Moran can be quite helpful as he gives you another chance to dump Forced Quarantine into your discard pile so you can snag it with Jia.

  2. I’m not sold on Grimoires and More, but I don’t have much experience with it. I found Cliff’s #4 Saloon to be helpful if I couldn’t turn Jia into a stud via a condition.

  3. Flight of the Lepus is brutal in this deck. You can play it on yourself to escape a job gone wrong, but it’s even better to send the mark and up to 2 other dudes home (sometimes ending the shootout to make the job auto-succeed).

If you win the shootout and use Flight of the Lepus, you can kick out their wasters and the dude marked for infection, and then force them to ace their best dudes! I’ve found it’s far more effective than Lost to the Plague which I originally had in this deck.