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  • MCC
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  • Eagle Wardens
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This poll is for a community deck. Each week we will progress the deck. First we will choose our faction. Then we will choose which home. Then to what draw structure, number of each card, starting posse. Also if you want to say what deck you would like to see built post in comments below. Possible build 2 decks and maybe have 2 unannounced players stream them.


I’m voting Eagle Wardens because at the moment they’re the faction with which I have the most trouble coming up with ideas I can make work.

Since it’s the holidays I will end the voting for which faction on Monday. Then update the poll. The second highest votes for faction will be deck 2.

Will there be a poll for which version of the outfit cards we will build around, or are we sticking to core homes?

I’ve gone for Wardens as they have some really cool options for builds especially with the new home

Faction are first then we decide which home we are using.

I was also considering Wardens but voted for Morgan because I think they will be the most fun to build.

Also, nice idea. Really curious how this turns out :slight_smile: .

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MCC and eagle wardens are going to be the two deck we are going to build. Which home are we wanting to use.

  • The Morgan Cattle Company
  • The Gadgetorium
  • Morgan Stables
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  • Eagle Wardens
  • Beyond the Veil
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Thank you everyone for voting.

I want the new shinies outfits, yes I do :smiley:

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Monday night is final night for outfits. Then on to the next stage.

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I will update polls tonight work has been busy sorry for the delay.

Since there is a lot of dudes to choose for starting posse go ahead and list your choices below and then I will put a poll up to choose them.

Do we get to know which values each deck will be building around?

Last day of voting. Then we are moving on to the tough calls.

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Best throw up some starting posses before it’s too late.

I’ve found Butch, Jake, Mazatl, Lydia and Zachary work well for the Wardens, but to try something different we could swap Lydia for Enapay or Kabeda (and if we can tweak things to avoid needing Jake, even better!).

Morgan is trickier, since there are lots more ways we could take the deck. I’ll agree with @TybarSunsong on Irving and Jen, but I’ll skip on Specks so we’ve got two production from our home. I’ll suggest Jon Longstride, Jackie Isham and one other. Rico, Clementine or Kyle are likely picks depending on the deck.

I can see going without Specks, though I personally think his discount is great if you need to invent a bunch or get in some Ranches/Out of Town deeds in a hurry.

As for the rest…I like Jon and Jackie. I’d throw in Kyle for his 2 MS rating. That gives some more flexibility in deckbuilding.

As an aside, if for some reason this didn’t want to use gadgets, you’d be limiting your horses (and losing out on A Slight Modification).