Deck Idea: Run Nic Run

An idea I’m working on for a deck focusing on Nicodemus Whateley’s ability. Lots of cheap dudes to start or get into play, ways to up or lock in their influence so they can benefit from Nic, and the idea is to keep everybody as mobile as possible to keep shootouts to a minimum.

4x Tresspassin’ o__O

The idea was to get pesky dudes away from my deeds, but yeah, without anything to punish a wanted dude, they’ve got no incentive not to just stay there. That can go.

Tresspassin’ has it’s uses if you’ve got plenty of cards that let you do stuff to wanted dudes, but your deck only has two copies of Too Much Attention. I suppose it could work as a bluff, since people wouldn’t expect wanted punishment from the Fourth Ring and might think you’re running more than you are because of it…

EDIT: Well this seems superfluous now you’ve just posted again :confused: