Deeds of Ghost town


Pretty good spread of thoughts again, although I have to disagree with anyone that thinks Silent Sigil is even remotely useful for card draw. Unless you can completelky empty your hand you get no benefit from it at all. At best it’s a single card gained the turn you play it assuming you weren’t going to discard anyway.

Turn played - can’t discard but draw to 6 (gain of 1 - moot point if you were going to discard a card anyway)

Following turn - example: 6 card hand, play 3 draw 2 (plus 1) net gain 0

The only way it nets you a card is if you can play 6 cards in a single turn. While not entirely outside the realms of possibility it’s quite difficult.

Defensively however, it’s got a very good “don’t steal me” deterrence. Personally though, If I see you drop a Sigil in anything but Slide, I’ll let you keep the 2 prod / 1 cp and enjoy the fact you can’t cycle :smile:

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Yeah - agree with @Whizzwang. Problem is the second you draw a joker into your hand you are basically done. You loose the joker in your draw hands and you loose a card spot in your play hand.

However I do recognize the idea - several times I have been thinking - Do I want to cycle this card or keep it as it might be useful next turn. But I think there are too grave deckbuilding consequences for including Silent Sigil.

While, I haven’t played with Sigil yet, I’ll disagree until experience tells me otherwise. I can see the problem with jokers, but other then that it’s another card in hand, deed on the table and cp.

But @Benni you wont be able to discard any card from your hand - not the dude you cant play or the shootout action clogging up your hand or the third cheatin’ resolution you have in your hand. Your only choice is not to play the deed if you are afraid that might happen and then its a pretty worthless deed if you cant play it.

Agreed that you do not get really additional draw, but keeping the card you might have discarded can give you a bit of card advantage that you would otherwise loose. This deed is just not for decks that run many conditional cards like cheating resolution or shootout actions, but in decks with a high card circulation I can see a nice benefit. So this requires preparation not only during the game but also during deck building.

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Yeah I was a bit harsh in my comments about it. After rethinking it my (preplay) verdict is that it is a card you really have to think about including in your deck as it can contribute to clogging up your hand.

Sigil with Ambrose in 4R would be a great way to keep your hand at the size you want and still give you a means to discard any cards you don’t want.

What a coincidence that they’re both in the same box…

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While you can certainly do that - it’s still not that efficient.

6 hand - play 2 discard 1, leaves you 3, redraw 2 (plus 1)

It’s no different to playing it out of a 5 card hand.

It’s the same as Randall or The Baptist Church, it is essentialyl a delayed cantrip draw the turn it is played for ONE faster card dig, unless you can play out the full 6 cards a turn.

Depends on whether you see it as “Card draw” or “Increasing options”.

I think having an extra card in my hand over what my opponent has will always give me some advantage. Even if its not useful, having more cards in hand will make my opponent think twice or overthink their moves.

I’d compare it to using circle M ranch when you already have a card you want to discard. People love that ranch regardless though


All the cards so far have had the reviews copied over to DTDB :smile: