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Hey there folks!

I’d like to share a new deck that emerged after the release of Frontier Justice - Law Dogs Deputies, starring Rafi Hamid! Credit for the deck idea goes to Hammardal, I just added Rope and Ride and now it’s even more fun :smile:


I really like this deck I going to have to build it and tweak it to my playstyle. The only question is why Valerie is is because of value and its only 1 upkeep just wondering.

Valeria is there simply to fill the 4’ value. She’s a cheap stud with only 1 upkeep. Hopefully the next saddlebag will bring some more filler dudes.

I ran a variant of this yesterday at KublaCon. Had really good success with it in testing, however it does have issues with the two decks most decks have issues with: 4R control and Desolation Row – the former because you just don’t have a ton of influence access and so when you get paralysis marked or blood cursed or worse both you’re really in bad shape. Of course, it didn’t help that I didn’t draw a Steven Wiles, Bobo, Legal Instruments or Bounty Hunter in that matchup :frowning:

Desolation Row the tough part is your low values outside of Rafi – which leaves you vulnerable to shotgun. I actually tweaked the deck to meta against Desolation row with 2x Unprepared and swapping out a Wendy start but it couldn’t hold up in the shootouts. Also didn’t help that I didn’t get any Winchesters or Faster on the Draw in that matchup to counter the Sun In Yer Eyes… so part if it was some tough card draw, but that deck is just really hard to kill off in general.

I’ve been running Rafi & Deputies for a while now, and I’m glad that there’s more stuff to support the deck coming in Frontier Justice. It’s interesting you’ve gone for 4’s as a main value - I’ve been avoiding that as I don’t feel there are enough good dudes at the value, especially so with me being one of those people that doesn’t like to include out of faction dudes. Interesting use of Rope & Ride. I’d misunderstood that card - I thought you needed to have a horse to use it.

Very interesting idea, dragging people to Government deeds with Rope and Ride, I like it a lot. And since my Rafi deck is 3/5/8 so Rope and Ride and Mustang are already on value for me, you’ve given me some good ideas.

Quick question, how is the money in the deck? You start off pretty low and you’ve got a lot of little things you want to spend GR on… It would be a shame to miss out in good BH opportunities for lack of cash. (Also, in the description of DTDB you mention Baird’s Build and Loan when you’re talking about government deeds you might see on the other side of the table, but that’s not government.)

Hell man, you’re right! It’s that for a long time had the image on an earlier version of Baird’s that had the Government keyword on it, so now it got me all confused. Bummer! Thanks for pointing that out :smile:

As for the economy, you need to be careful in the first couple turns, but then it gets going pretty quickly. 2 income is a great boon for a Law Dogs deck :smile:

Yeah, 2 income is really helpful, wasn’t paying attention to that. You might miss some opportunities to make big plays in the early game, but you should be fine after a couple of turns. I’m just not used to starting with that little cash. My deck starts with 1 income but 5 or 7 GR depending on if I win lowball, but the main reason for that is I’m running all the crazy 4GR power government deeds like Hustings and Mayor’s Office.

I still tell people in my area that Tommy Harden is probably the best 0-upkeep shooter in the game, he’s an incredible card.

Was playing around with this deck last night. Its a very interesting deck I like the gang up effect with rope and ride and rafi. It has a good draw structure which is nice. I think I might switch it over to MS for the fun sake add in HWG, FFields, and throw in some MS in the deck and see how it goes. Overall impressed with this deck kudos to both deck builders.

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100% agree