Deputy Report and Winning Decklist - Hartlepool, UK 30/04/16

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This deck went undefeated over four games to win in a nine player Deputy Event in Hartlepool, UK on 30/04/16.

Playing this deck has only reinforced my opinions on landslide - it’s a fun-draining snoozefest of a negative play experience for both me and my opponent. I ended up with this as I was expecting to face some strong Den of Thieves hexslingin’ decks and at least one Hot Lead Flyin’ Eagle Wardens that had all placed well at the UK Outlaw event. I’d thought up more fun decks that could handle HLF but not hexes, and vice-versa, and overall they didn’t feel good enough. I reluctantly decided avoiding shootouts altogether was the way to go, and as I’d been wanting to try out the new experienced Lula Morgan, Morgan slide it was.

I wanted something that could benefit from Lula’s Noon income boosting trait. My initial plan was to go entirely clubless and use Ol’ Howard to grab the R&D Ranch to get 3GR/turn from it with Lula’s help, but that took up too much of my starting stash to make any reasonable kind of posse. I settled on starting the Gomorra Lot Commission and using Ol Howard to grab The Joker’s Smile. The former allowed me to dump deeds I couldn’t afford early on from my hand for a quick cash boost, and the latter allowed me to run Heretic’s Jokers in place of something like Buried Treasure to gain two ghost rock and draw a card whenever they showed up in my play hand.

Other than that it’s fairly standard. Make money, spend it wisely, try to stay awake. If you like this kind of thing I’d suggest adding a Shotgun or two to deal with opponents’ Allie Hensmans.

Here’s what my semi-conscious brain can dredge up regarding the games:

Game 1 vs Peter’s Law Dogs

This was the first time Peter had played against this kind of deck, and while he soon cottoned on to the fact that he had to sit on my deeds to limit my income and stop me from simply walking across the town square to take control of his deeds it was too late to save the game. Constance was busy handing out warrants but I blitzed out deeds and ended the game before the bounty hunters showed up to collect.

Game 2 vs Ste’s Den of Thieves hucksters

I suspected Kidnappin’s here so switched the starting posse around. Out went Lula and Ol’ Howard, in came Jake Smiley and Androcles Brocklehurst. I was surprised to see Ste only starting three influence. I made an early mistake in sending Irving to buy an out-of-town deed while Ste had Maria with Shadow Walk and a Soul Blast, but I got lucky as he pulled a Puppet for the Soul Blast and only sent Irving home. Ste put up a decent resistance but he wasn’t seeing any of the Puppets, Paralysis Marks or dudes with influence that he needed to stay in the game and after I drew a hand full of two and three cost deeds it was all over.

Game 3 vs Jay’s Fourth Ring

Back to the Lula/Ol’ Howard start for this one. I wasn’t expecting to see Jay playing a Fourth Ring deck as he’d been having a good run with a Den huckster deck. This game wasn’t particularly interesting. I played dudes and deeds. Jay Paralysed them and had enough income to keep playing dudes. We both ended up with Nicodemus Whateley in play. We both wanted time to be called so it would end as neither of us like playing landslide. Eventually that happened and I won by having the larger pile of influence chips. Fun!

Game 4 vs Steve’s Desolation Row

I went for the alternative starting posse again for fear of Kidnappin’s. Steve also only started with three influence, but he also had Allie Hensman. I realised that I didn’t have any reliable way of dealing with her and that this could be tricky. I got a couple of deeds out, one being Killer Bunnies Casino which Steve sent his Ulysses Marks to meaning I couldn’t hide Clementine there. I ended up drawing nothing but dudes for a couple of turns which gave Steve the chance to get control points on Allie and Run the Desolation Row job enough times for a control point and a stack of ghost rock. He used this to start building up his side of the street while Shelby Hunt stood guard in the town square and I just managed to get enough influence in play to hang on. Things were still precarious for Steve as his only influence was from Makaio and Ulysses so if I got another deed out he’d be in trouble.

Steve upgraded Allie to her experienced version to get another influence and kept the pressure on me by playing more deeds and sending Allie after Androcles who I couldn’t afford to keep. I screwed up a sneaky dash across town when there was an opening by sending Rico to his Dead Dog’s Tavern, which Rico failed to control as he has no bullets. Next turn saw me get some more dudes but also a Rumors, which opened my movement options up a bit as Steve had to commit all his influence to sitting on my deeds. He sent Travis to run an Election Day Slaughter that I didn’t contest (Rico stranded in the Dead Dog Tavern took the hit), and then tried to seal the win by running Desolation Row with Shelby for another control point. My hand full of dudes came to the rescue and I was able to walk across the now unguarded town square to take control of his deeds.


Should have played my Den of Thieves deck. Your deck is very very effective at what it does. Congratulations on getting a shiny new playmat and badge.

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