Dirty Deeds Product Page Up

Over at the AEG website.

Some interesting story teasers there. Who could Lula be striking a deal with? Ivor? Nicodemus? Someone/thing else?

I’ve been thinking… Lula’s now pursuing mining. Is it still the case that somewhere beneath Gomorra there’s a portal to the Deadlands where the huge ghost rock lode used to be? Could Knicknevin or some other entity be lying in wait there?

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Wouldn’t that be redoing old stories?

I hope the storilyne goes in another direction and keep the devil and de monstrosities to a minimum…

The way things seem to be headed, the fear level will be ramping up and that means we should start seeing more monstrosities. There were tumblebleeds, and now mutant cattle and tummy twisters. This little part of the west is definitely getting weirder.

Incubation, Mark of pestilence, Tummy twister, sanatorium, Quarantine tents… something is getting funny here. I like the game getting weirder.

Also, which is the card getting a reprint?

Edit: I would like a mining MCC outfit for Lula.

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Ah I thought it was Lane striking the deal from reading the LS story sheet. He seems to be getting close with Lula lately. Probably smells opportunity somewhere.

I haven’t seen the Light Shineth story sheet yet, so I don’t know if it shines any light (heh) on these teasers

Hmm I’ll work on getting that transposed and sent to the story archive.

I do have it, I just need to finish illustrating it before publishing.


I need to update boot hill and I am up-to-date!