DIrty reviews done dirt cheap - introducing Doomtown: Reloaded's seventh Saddlebag

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by Joe Oberbeck

Here are my thoughts on the Dirty Deeds expansion for Doomtown: Reloaded. Consider these rating-free insights as a ‘quick n dirty’ (yeah, I said it) look at the new cards.

108 Worldly Desires - This is the second outfit card for our bandits and it comes with an extra starting ghost rock versus the original home. The ability on the outfit seems to fit the theme of the 108 wanting to focus on being poorer than opposing player. Card draw is always sweet, but the chop-socky dudes will love another way to get those taos n techniques into the discard pile. Even better, it is a repeat so you may do it once per every draw hand. Guess what - if you were poor at the start of the shootout, you are likely to be poor the remaining rounds. Heck, splurge on some Hired Help. The only real drawback is that it doesn’t favor bandit slide or dudes n deeds type of fast control builds. Also folks used to trying to gain money may not be entirely comfortable about NOT having ghost rock on hand.

Beyond the Veil - Like their faction pack counterparts, the Shaman Warriors also gain a second outfit. Instead of card draw and deck thinning, the Veil promotes Totems while still supporting the original theme of mobile influence. The noon ability certainly helps control the late game chess match. The only real drawback is booting a Totem that you control since the main totems as of now are putting spirits into play during noon and/or shootouts and the navigating the Spirit Trail. Clearly, this outfit requires finesse in utilizing totems for their own ability versus complementing Beyond the Veil’s mobility.

Morgan Stables - Here comes the cavalry. Well, not quite, but the “Horsey Deck” might at long last finally become a thing. Making the first horse cheaper each turn certainly helps, since horses in general aren’t cheap. The question is whether to go natural horse or gadget horse or mix and match. The ability on the outfit will come with interesting combos such as some form of Shoppin’, Tradin’, Callin’ Out, or even do another Movin’ action. The question remains, however, whether or not the equine reduction or the ability suffice for me to not use one of the other two outfits.

Xiang Fang - Hey look, it’s a new 4th ring abomination and she packs a lot of bullets. Her ability will require a crafty player to use her ability, but Soul Cage, Raising Hell, He Fang along with a few more tricks will help. Oh wait she is for 108, my bad. Her ability makes her a fine bully for 108, but sharing a value with Paggys means that she is not really a good splash for Oddities decks.

He Fang - I believe this is the first multi-skilled dude, in this case bothBlessed and Kung-Fu. He allows us to drop Xiang or any non-gadget abomination into play with a 2 ghost rock reduction. As a stud with influence, plus two useful skills, he will end up a niche splash despite the extra upkeep due to influence. 4th ring could use his ability to airdrop Aboms, or the lawdogs might also employ his versatility.

Kabeda Hakurei - As a cheap, powerful shaman with influence, Kabeda is almost an insta-start for the wardens. Her low value fails Spirit pulls, so if Kabeda does not start, she most likely doesn’t make the cut at all. Her trait requires finesse between using a totem’s ability versus using the totem’s ability as usual.

Zachary Deloria - He is a cheap stud for sure, but his cost plus trait reserve him solely for the Eagle Wardens. He is certainly capable of leading an aggro charge. His main role, however, appears to defend influential dudes such as Marcia Ridge who have camped the town square to use the original home’s ability. Janky players can use any number of influence buffs to pump Zach to 5-6 stud bullets.

Karl Odett - Karl runs the asylum, I mean Sanatorium. He is also at home with Oddities of Nature, who tend to have little influence other than town square camping. Karl is a must start for Abom-Nation builds. He also works well with Jake or Steve (one or the other, not both) as Karl’s trait ensures that losing that particular dude is not an insta-loss.

Erik Samson - The Lawdogs have been praying for a cheap blessed with influence. Well, the Lord certainly works in mysterious ways. Erik hearts the mystical goodies in this pack, but for my druthers, I like to bestow Erik with Stoker’s Sabre plus a miracle or two.

Dr. Brian Foxworth - The good Doctor makes a nice speed bump in the town square (although he can still be kidnapped and Judge-jobbed). He is on value with Pistol Whip, which is a Morgan Deedslide staple. Foxworth also makes a good sop against Pinned Down or other forced casualty cards affecting your main dudes.

Buford Hurley - This is a low cost Sloane dude that I am excited for. He is spot-on for the classic Sloane 3-5-7 build and can’t wait to get his big mitts on a Pearl Handled. His trait makes him free to keep while hurting your opponent’s economy. Since Buford is pure brawn, his lack of influence makes him a good splash in non-spell aggro decks.

Doris Powell - We’ve seen mobile control points before (hello, Mayor Nic). While the Mayor is capable of defending himself, the Running Nurse (her Playtest name) is pretty much defenseless. She needs mobility, e.g. a a Mechanical Horse or a knight errant such as Zachary Deloria (see above) to protect her. But if you keep her moving, her 3 control points can often win games for you.

Rico Rodegain - Grifters always add new twists that shake things up in staid ol’ Gomorra. Rico is cheap to play, and has no upkeep. Unlike most grifters who ensure a good start and then take a bullet for the outfit, you want to keep Rico around as he also has plenty of clout (aka influence) in town. His high value makes him nearly impossible to shotgun, and tough to P-mark. Rico’s forte is intel - It is so clutch knowing that an opponent lacks Cheatin’ cards in their opening play hand. Likewise, if you start versus an aggro deck and instead see a Deedslide build, you can go dig for influence. See shotguns or p-marks? Why bring on the high value dudes. Also, seeing the opening hand, plus their lowball, plus starting posse means that after opening lowball, you will have seen nearly a third of your opponent’s deck and thus have a clear understanding of their draw structure and tech. Rico is a suave charmer, welcome in any outfit, but he is definitely at home with Den of Thieves. Look at opponent’s hand, then decide if you need to send Travis on a digging mission? Yes, please.

Maza Gang Hideout - This deed’s trait provides very nice built in defense, as dudes must boot to move there (barring card effects). The trait kicks in even when adjacent to your home, so drop it early for sure. It’s lack of control points also provides good defense as the trait doesn’t confer any extrinsic advantage and your opponent has to boot influence to deny you the income. Plant a Spirit Trail at the Hideout to really ramp up the ghost rock production.

Miasmatic Purifier - Yet another deed with some built-in defense. This time, the gadget/deed puts some control points on the line. Club-less/lite decks will certainly utilize it. Not to mention its high value makes all current pulls. Read the trait carefully - an aggro/shooter deck will most likely end up with their influential dude(s) booted at home (which is where they wind up once the the deed goes to discard) all next day. opposing players should think twice before camping on this deed to win or stop you from winning the game.

Disgenuine Currency Press - This gadget provides a quick infusion of ghost rock. Eustace True for sure likes to make money and then draw a card. If it’s discarded you draw a card.

Tlaloc’s Furies - This is an all-in card if there ever was one. You either run four of these or you don’t. If you want to sacrifice your Paralysis Marks in 4th ring and get a buffed Bobo I wouldn’t blame you. Flying Popescus would also be happy to lead the charge wielding one of these bad boys. You could start Slavin and search for this goods every turn, which I am going to try for a fun deck.

Personal Ornithopter - There is a place in the Morgan Stables for this gadget, as that outfit can play if for free. While it is another way to get dudes into a shootout, I am most intrigued by the possibility of using the second ability tobluff shootouts, letting opponent play all his actions then just boot your personal ornithopter and go home to fight another day.

Jael’s Guile - Thor’s Hammer, and another mystical melee weapon from this pack. The cheatin’ resolution against a Desolation Row or Den of Thieves’ often times forces them to stay legal or lose a dude. Wanted dudes take precedence which puts the usual suspects such as the Aims Brothers or Milt Clemons at risk.

Hustled - Along with Monte Bank, another easy way for grifters to work hard for the money. Since most grifters are easy pickings for shotguns or soul blasts, this might come in handy to save your dude long enough to make it to draw hands where they can trigger the Den of Thieves ability. Sloane decks may be running this to gain the bounty and ghost rock benefits while using the second part in moderation.

An Accidental Reunion - One of the better story cards from this set as sh*t gets real for Mr. Crane. Note that as a Headline, it remains in effect for the entire shootout. Even better, this is NOT a Cheatin’ Resolution, so you can play a Cheatin’ card on top of this to really put the hurt on your opponent. Let’s just say that Barton Everest or those pesky Thieves better be on their very best behavior. On the other hand, YOU better be playing nice as well. This will definitely see play in Deedslides and Lawdog decks that already tend to punish cheatin’ or need some way to put the hurt on when forced into shootouts. Paying 2 ghost rock to get this card back into your play hand is a small investment. This card slots easily into all types of non-spell decks just for the fear factor.

A Slight Modification - Booting a gadget is a small price to pay to let voltrons stay voltrons. But with unprepared running around, it seems like an auto-include for gadget decks.

Rabbit Takes Revenge - The Jade Rabbit’s finisher’s high value makes it a somewhat risky play for Fu decks. Even so, the ability to turn your dude into a stud and an opposing dude into a draw will win shootouts for you. Topping off a Lunar Leap and/or Deception gives you a lot of what you’d play Unprepared and/or Pinned Down for.


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Y’all need to increase the default font size on the main site I think.

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Clarification: Any shootout ability will stay in effect for the entire shootout anyway. The only difference being a headline makes is that it prevents other headlines from being played.

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From what I understand, dudes do not boot to move here from the town square since it is an in-town deed.

Dudes must boot to move here from any location other than an adjacent home or the town square, but that’s no different than any other deed (except the the Whateley Estate).

The adjacency constraint matters as the town square does not provide production, and dudes can not join shootouts in the town square from the hideout and vice-versa (barring card effects).