Discord channel for OCTGN

Discord is basically a chat + skype in one place. I just created a channel for people who want to arrange OCTGN games without using Facebook / Skype and like to talk about the game in their free time, here is the link: Doomtown (if this link doesn’t work please pm me).


Uh, i clicked the link once and now i’m at home and wanted to join but now it says
“The instant invite is invalid or has expired”?
Any help with this mad science? >.<

Registered Antaiseito on Discord, can i join the group somehow?

Here is the link again: Discord, they stop working after 24 hours. I will also try to invite you directly ( not sure if it is possible).

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someone on Doomtown Reddit asked if there’s a Discord channel for the game.
I have no reddit account, but maybe someone wants to point them here?


Thanks mate.