Diving back in, a bit overwhelmed

So, long story short, I haven’t played much DTR, mostly because I haven’t been able to garner any real interest at all in my area since it was released last year. Aside from maybe a half dozen games or so with the Core set, most of which were demo/teaching games, I haven’t really gotten to play at all. Hasn’t stopped me from continuing to buy every expansion, though. Recently, a friend I taught to play last year expressed an interest in playing again, so I’ve been trying to build decks. Turns out that’s a lot harder to do when you’re trying to build multiple, balanced decks from a single collection. Its been a bit overwhelming.

I think the biggest hurdle right now is figuring out what the important cards/values are to build around for each Outfit, and not hogging too much good stuff for one deck and neglecting others. My goal is one deck for each faction, and having them be reasonably balanced against one another.

Right now, I’m looking at doing decks for original Law Dogs, Desolation Row, original Morgan, and Oddities. I have a pretty good grasp on Bandits and the Eagle Wardens (being new, they mostly build themselves right now), but I’m really struggling with the others (probably because I’m trying to do too much all at once). There are so many good utility cards in this game, it can be really hard to nail down what actually matters for each Outfit/archetype.

Dogs obviously want 8’s, and probably 5’s. Past that, I’m not sure. Avoiding Miracles and Gadgets for now.

Sloane in general seems to want a wider variety of stuff. 4’s/5’s/7’s all seem good, and possibly J’s.

Morgan I’m still on the fence about. I’m looking to build more casual/thematic decks, so I’d rather focus more on Mad Science and Ranches, as opposed to just straight up D&D. Gadgetorium may actually be the better home for the style of deck I’d prefer, but I honestly don’t know.

And I have no idea where to start with Fourth Ring in general, but Oddities at least seems more interesting than the original home, and I’d rather not build a soul-crushing, hardcore spell-based control deck while I’m trying to get people interested in the game.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m not really looking for straight-up deck lists, mostly just discussion as to what really maters for these decks as far as staples, and values to build around.


You’ve got the right idea - with LD and DRow - so build those and play them first. There is also some very good tech for both LD/Drow at Aces, twos, and threes that you can divvy among those two.

A 4R/OoN deck that I’ve had fun with is Mounted Clownz using a lot of horsey tech for mobility and being able to retain influence via return to Town Square - use the 5’s & 7’s (mustangs/pintos and associated goods/gadgets etc.), maybe 6’s (Roans, Holy Wheel Guns, Winchesters) and possibly try Straight Flush degenerator. Gadgets want Valeria/Roderick. Sometimes I ignore spells/gadgets altogether and that means w/o worrying about pulls, I can use ‘low values’. Popescus + mystical can be fun as well. Use Junior, Slavin, etc.?