Do you use Devil's Joker or regular Joker?

I’m trying to decide which pair of Jokers to run in a deck, and I can’t really decide. I guess it depends how much cheatin’ punishment there is in the meta and how strong/weak/likely to cheat your draw structure already is.

Does anyone have experience with the devil? Was it worth it?

I’ve been to scared to use them yet. To many Jael Guile’s, Soul Cages and stuff in my local meta.


I pretty well strictly use them in Sloane where I am expecting to cheat. Too much cheating punishment locally.

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What Benni said - Devil’s Jokers are nice in Den of Thieves with Barton and the home ability. My DoT decks run a lot of cheap weenies, so I expect to take punishment, but give better than I get.

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They could be fine in Sloane, with Barton Everest, but Sloane already shoots well so the boost in hand rank will usually not do much, making it not worth the fact that it makes lowball hands cheatin’ with no positive effect.

I’m building an Eagles deck right now for when Bad Medicine comes that utilizes tokens and I’m gonna use the Devils Jokers here to pressure my opponent as with token dudes I have nothing to lose. Gonna be sweet I hope :wink:


While I haven’t used them, I have had them used to great effect against me in a Den deck.

The boost to the handrank doesn’t always do a ton, but it does prevent hand rank penalties from doing a ton.