Does the duel end if my participant has been destroyed, but my opponent played a combat card sending threat to me?

As per the subject line, its kind of weird the bits about resolving threat and ending a duel. If have enough cards in hand to generate threat back to my opponent can I just keep dropping combat cards on my opportunity provided my opponent has sent threat back to me?

Final Strike
The last combat card played in a duel before that character is destroyed is their Final Strike. A
character is destroyed after resolving their combat cards (RPT SYMBOLS). Therefore, the adversary
may have threat in their threat pool after the character is destroyed. Continue the duel as normal. The
duel only ends when there is no threat in any threat pool.

Ending a Duel
The duel only ends when there is no threat in any threat pool. It is entirely possible for a character to be
destroyed during a duel and have the duel continue.

The Duel
After the challenge, the duel is played in a series of repeating rounds until it is over. A duel is only over
when neither participant has any threat in their threat pool.

● Round Ends
○ If no player has any threat in their threat pool, the duel is over.

It is very possible that as your Character is dying when you play your Combat card, you are sending Threat back to your opponent.

Your opponent then may play a Combat card to deal with that impending threat. The riposte, parry, and thrust are still applied, however, there is no character to send that damage back to, thus with no active threat, the duel ends.

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