Does the trait on Breastplate work in subsequent rounds to keep the first wound each round from landing?

Breastplate trait:
Ignore the first wound this character would suffer during a duel.

Lets say on your round, you have 1 threat left over after resolving your combat card, the equipped breastplate will ignore that wound, so its not even treated as having landed and just vanishes during the resolve threat step on your side.

So on your next round in the same duel, if after you play your combat card, you still only have 1 left threat left over again, will the trait from the breastplate work again to ignore that first and only wound again during the resolve threat step? Kind of like this armor is meant to just continuously deflect these minor 1 wounds each of your rounds?

However the moment you are taking 2 threat/wounds left over, the breastplate will only “ignore” that first one and then the second wound will land, destroying the breastplate after right?

Answering in question order:

  1. No the trait will not work again in subsequent rounds since the Breastplate already stopped the first would be wound.
  2. No it is not meant to continuously deflect 1 each round.
  3. Correct if 2 remaining threat would be converted to Wounds, the first is ignored and the second is landed, destroying the Breastplate after.