Dommtown Online Revolver Tournament Decklists

Hello and thanks to everyone who signed up to play in the Online Revolver Tournament in Q2, 2023.

This thread is for people to post their decklists for the tournament with any commentary.

I’ll start.

I am, in general a terrible deck builder. I tend to prefer aggressive shooter type decks and it’s possible I may have "borrowed’ a few deck ideas from dtdb for this tournament.

Round 1: EN - this was the deck I used at Genghis Con in Denver in Feb: Just Horsin' Around · DoomtownDB
Round 2: FP - First borrowed deck: WWE - Ancestral Affairs K/J/10 · DoomtownDB
Round 3: AN - Borrowed Carter’s DMH Deck - it didn’t work for me: WWE - House of Many Dead Hands · DoomtownDB
Round 4: LD - A classic LD shooter type. I seem to recall I faced someone who turtled a little and there wasn’t a readily available answer to it in my hand. Don’t have this one readily available on DTDB but image posted below
Round 5: OL - A variation on Doomdog’s UKGE deck: Classic Criminals · DoomtownDB
Round 6: FM - Used Carter’s Abomination deck for this one: WWE - Bayou Mystical K-10-2 · DoomtownDB if I had to do it over, I’d maybe throw in a Fancy Hat in at K over one of the Staffs, and maybe a Bluetick in at 2 over maybe a blue Lightning, but I am not 100% sure on that one. I just found myself with more weapons than dudes who could equip them.

Semi Finals was a reuse of Sloane and Finals was a reuse of Ancestral Affairs.

Here are my Revolver decklists (except the Entrepreneurs one which I seem to have deleted from dtdb - it was Farnum Gadgetslide, only I didn’t draw any Gadgets until late game so it didn’t work very well).

Here is the list of my decks I used for he tournament. My only wins were with my Farnum, Encroaching Darkness and Deadwood Miners Alliance decks. The last one was the only one I already played in a tournament and that got me to the finals last year.
The deck (LD) that is for me the most fun to play, is the one that got its ass totally kicked :slight_smile:

No draw structure, no problem! Based off my 108 Gracious Builders deck I top 4’d with and went undefeated in Swiss in the first DTWW online marshal event. Deckbuilder · DoomtownDB

I used the same framework for all decks, changing the outfit and starting dudes, with some minor adjustments to the dude selection in everything outside of Anarchists.

Play a ton of deeds, do some chess, maybe shotgun someone in the chest. Dropping a ton of deeds is strong.

I won in Swiss with everything but Outlaws. The DMA economy was problematic.

I lost to Aussie Scum in the cut, I got a wee bit greedy with the shotgun and he had enough dudes to cover my deeds.

Well played, I had fun!