Doomtown 2018: A Small Compilation of the Current Meta

Directly following Worlds in Manchester, UK, the Tombstone Series kicked off and as we’re about half way through, I thought it would be a good time to feature some of the decks, as this may give players who are receiving their Kickstarter shipment an idea of where to jump right in!


2nd Place Worlds: #2@ Worlds - Dead Man's Handits 2: Aces and Eights Boogaloo · DoomtownDB

Here’s a couple older ones from our last Series:

Eagle Wardens / First Arrivals:

Origins Deck: Promenade (Origins "top" Wardens) · DoomtownDB

York Event: Tlazolteotl's curse (9th place York Tombstone event 9/6/18) · DoomtownDB

Sidekicks/Philly Event: 'I Do My Killin' Before Breakfast' Tombstone Series Event · DoomtownDB

Fourth Ring/Fearmongers

I haven’t seen any up yet from the Tombstone Series, so here’s some from Worlds:

Law Dogs

4th Place York: York 2018 Tombstone T4 · DoomtownDB

Hartlepool Winner: Under the attention of the Law (Hartlepool tombstone winner) · DoomtownDB

Miracles Winner: Sentinel Dogs Toolbox (Tombstone Series 1st Place) · DoomtownDB

Morgan Cattle Company / Entrepreneurs

Morgan Cattle Company: For new players, this winner features only a few saddlebags

Morgan Hellslide: Hellslide Limited - Kublacon 2018 · DoomtownDB

While not part of the Tombstone Series, this Name A Card event saw two Regulator decks, neither featuring Calling the Cavalry and both featuring Servitors, faced off in an epic battle of Raven v. Hellstromme:

Raven Regulators: Civic Corral - Origins 2018 1st Place · DoomtownDB

Hellstromme Regulators (also a Tombstone Series winner): Mechanical Heart v2 (Tombstone Series Event Winning Deck) · DoomtownDB

2nd Place York Regulators: Gadgets straight up (top of swiss runner up in york 2018) · DoomtownDB

Gadgetorium: Hydro Silver, Away! · DoomtownDB

Sloane Gang/Outlaws

Den of Thieves: Sloane bandits are the best bandits · DoomtownDB

Top 4 Worlds: Top 4 Sloane 3,J,K Town Square Shan Fan! · DoomtownDB

Hexual Stealing: Hexual Stealing · DoomtownDB

Feel free to respond with any new decks or advice for our new players!