Doomtown at KublaCon 2015 - an after action report

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Kublacon 2015 was held over Memorial Day Weekend at the Hyatt Burlingame near San Francisco, California. Amongst the games and events of the weekend, I attended or hosted several Doomtown events over two days. The fun began with Rich Carter’s Classic showdown:

Rich Carter – Sioux Spirit Warriors (non-brawler)

Jon Del Arroz – Sweetrock Gommora Limited Rails

David Orange – Law Dogs: Mob Justice

Chris Holm – Texas Rangers

Round 1 – David defeated Rich, Jon defeated Chris

Round 2 – David defeated Jon

I ran a Wanted tech deck that featured Simon McPherson xp and useful miracles and the standard LD:MJ shenanigans – Lynch Mob, Confessions, etc. I was able to hammer away at Rich, and versus Jon, keep my influence mobile and camp his deeds and shoot his dudes as fast as he could play ‘em. I was hindered by a Den of Eastern Delights nerfing my Earthquakes major and minor, and McPherson got stuck out of town. Still, I was able grind my way to the win and earn the coveted Kubla winner’s pin.

[caption id=“attachment_1346” align=“alignleft” width=“300”] Jon Del Arroz and Mike Welschmeyer engage in a pre-tourney friendly.[/caption]

[caption id=“attachment_1345” align=“alignleft” width=“300”]Doomtown: Reloaded demos at KublaCon 2015 Doomtown: Reloaded demos at KublaCon 2015[/caption]

There were two demo sessions that saw the crew led by David Orange, Rich Carter, and Jon Del Arroz teaching the game to eight new players. In addition, several other players enjoyed casual play or the opportunity to tune their decks for the Saturday tourney.







[caption id=“attachment_1348” align=“alignleft” width=“300”]Swag closeup Swag closeup[/caption]

[caption id=“attachment_1349” align=“alignleft” width=“300”]David Orange at Kublacon 2015 with Lyris Laser Studio's Barry Figgins David Orange at Kublacon 2015 with Lyris Laser Studio’s Barry Figgins[/caption]

[caption id=“attachment_1356” align=“alignright” width=“184”]Participant Tokens - "Shan Fan Showdown" provided by HEG for KublaCon 2015 Participant Tokens - “Shan Fan Showdown” provided by HEG for KublaCon 2015[/caption]

The Doomtown:Reloaded tourney highlighted the weekend. Ten players competed for swag provided by Harrowed Entertainment Group. A very special shoutout to Barry Figgins of Lyris Laser Studios

who produced the dealer tokens that we gave out to all participants. Other contributors were Alex Wirges of Gomorra Gazette for designing the playmats and Thom Goodnow of Harrowed Entertainment Group for the Promo Cards given out to the participants.





I tested out an Oddities of Nature Dead Man’s Hand shooter. The deck usually won lowball and shot well (hitting at least one DMH per match). Each of the three contested matches were hard-fought, but I ran into consistent issues with mobility and lack of hard influence.

[caption id=“attachment_1353” align=“alignright” width=“300”]Rich Carter and Mike Welschmeyer battle it out for the title. Rich Carter and Mike Welschmeyer battle it out for the title.[/caption]

Mike and Rich fought it out for the title, with the bounty-laden Sloaners of Desolation Row finally carrying the day.

And now, without further ado, here are the results of our lil’ ol’ Tourney:

  1. Mike Welschmeyer (TSG:DR) 4-0
  2. Matt Thatcher (4th Ring) 3-1
  3. Rich Carter (MCC) 3-1
  4. Jon Del Arroz (LD) 2-2
  5. Josie Huang (4th Ring) 2-2
  6. Ed Su (TSG:DR) 2-2
  7. Justin Bialo (MCC:Gadgetorium) 2-2
  8. David Orange (4R:OoN) 1 -3 (win via default)
  9. Chris Holm (LD) 1-3 (win via default)
  10. Ronneal Santos (LD) 0-4 (only had time to play two matches)

[caption id=“attachment_1351” align=“alignnone” width=“300”]Mike Welschmeyer - Kublacon DT:R champ Mike Welschmeyer - Kublacon DT:R champ[/caption]


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First attempt at pushing to both Gomorra Gazette and Community forums - formatting a WIP.

Super cool. LOVE those player tokens.

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Barry created the tokens for previous HEG events. They are birch with a cherry stain. And yes, they look even better live than as captured by my craptastic phone camera.

We already have ideas for two Gencon events:
Rich Carter’s Deadlands: Doomtown classic event
Gomorra Gazette’s Hog Killin’ Time social n soiree

TL;DR - you and other Gencon attendees will have TWO chances to receive the latest n greatest from HEG :smiley: